Why the “Karni Sena” has intensified its protest only in the BJP ruled states? Here’s the secret link between Karni Sena and the Congress party

Have you realised that in the past few days, the Karni Sena has intensified its protest demanding the ban on the film “Padmavat”? If the history is distorted, then there must be a protest but not in a violent way.

Whenever the Karni Sena activists gave out violent statements like declaring a reward to whoever causes harm to Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the secular and liberal brigade directly attacked the Modi government. Cyber warriors started trending on Twitter saying there is no safety for the filmmakers under the Modi government.

The complete U-turn by the Karni Sena!

Keenly observe the timeline of the incidents!

  • Karni Sena opposed the release of the film “Padmavati” which was later changed to “Padmavat”.
  • Karni Sena got violent in its protest against the filmmaker and its stars.
  • Immediately, the Congress linked it to BJP and attacked PM Modi.
  • To everyone’s surprise, the Karni Sena has now joined hands with the Congress party.
  • Soon after this, the protest turned into violence mode but only in the BJP ruled states.
Times of India

“We are getting daily threats over phone warning against releasing the movie. Now, even if we get police protection, are not going to screen it”, said Manish Parekh, manager, of a multiplex in Bhavnagar.

Look at the below article that is published in the newspaper “National Herald” which is owned by the Gandhi family.

National Herald

“The ‘Shree Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena’ (SRRKS) protestors turned to violence in their bid to oppose the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed Padmaavat as they burnt three buses and damaged window panels of at least six more in different parts of Mehsana district. Some rampant protestors also burnt tyres to block Highways in different parts of Gujarat”. This is what happened in Gujarat as per the report of “National Herald”

Why is the Karni Sena getting violent only in the BJP ruled states?

Not just in Gujarat and Rajasthan, but even in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, the Karni Sena has shown its “goondaism”. To everyone’s surprise, the Karni Sena is very calm and composed in the Congress-ruled states like Karnataka. So, what does all this indicate? Has the Congress joined hands with the Karni Sena just like how it promoted the violence done by Jignesh Mevani in Maharashtra and Delhi?

Big Expose! Here comes the big shock to the Indians

On January 25th, the Kari Sena announced that that will join hands with Congress to defeat the BJP. Not just Karni Sena but even several other Rajputs organisations like Rajput Sabha, Ravana Rajput Samaj, Pratap Foundation, Durga Dal extended their support to the Congress party. Don’t forget that all these organisations have supported the Congress which openly backs the release of the distorted film “Padmavat”.

Only the BJP ruled states had banned the film “Padmavat”, yet the Karni Sena supports the Congress party. The reason given by the Karni Sena and other Rajput organisations is that the BJP didn’t handle the issue well. This statement proved to be a self goal to the Karni Sena because the Karnataka government, ruled by Congress had in fact welcomed the film “Padmavat”. Doesn’t it seem suspicious?

With all these developments, strong speculation is coming out saying that the Karni Sena has joined hands with Congress to corner the Modi government.

Read the below statement published in Financial Express!

“Congress spokesperson and Jaipur district president Pratap Singh Khachariyawas alleged there have been a lot of atrocities on the Rajput community by the ruling BJP government. The community was targeted and a number of cases were lodged against them. None of the MLAs and ministers spoke up against the issues, be it Padmavati, Anandpal, Chatur Singh or Raj Mahal hotel issue.”.

The entire statement is laugh-worthy because the Congress leaders had demanded strict actions against the Karni Sena activists. But now, the Congress leaders have made a complete u-turn. Time only will say how this drama will end.

Ananya Sharma


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