“Kashmir mange Azadi” is old now, soon there will be “India mange Azadi” : Arundati Roy

In past 3 decades, there has been a trend developed in the section of the elite class who think that people who can speak good English, write some books and have half grey hair with a shabby haircut will make them an intellectual and a human rights activists who can fight for the downtrodden.

This is the current scenario in India! These people who do not have the slightest idea about India and its background call themselves as the torch bearers of peace and liberalism. One such specimen is none other than Arundati Roy. Ms Roy who is very well known for her anti India stand and leftist ideology has always spoke in support of dividing Kashmir from India. She has spoken in support of separatists and Pakistan to call Kashmir as the disputed territory. She has also shared stage with terrorists and separatists and demanded the withdrawal of AFSPA in Jammu Kashmir.

She on many occasions has given the impression that Jihad is conducted due to the inbuilt frustration of Muslim community, the 9/11 attack on US was just a rebuttal by the Al-Qaeda for hatred nature of US. This lady believes that chanting Azadi slogans is just a form of expression and freedom of speech.

It may be easy for most to ignore such termites, but they fail to realize that the biggest threat to the Nation comes from these people who destroy the country from within.  Recently, Arundati Roy made a bizarre comment saying that Kashmir is just the beginning, a new India will rise!

What does she mean? So Kashmir Azadi slogans are just the beginning and they will next start the mission all over India. Do these people know the implication and seriousness of their words?

Looks like she has no idea about the country’s past and speaks nonsense just to fulfill their agenda. Firstly she should know that just 70 years back there existed no Pakistan and go back another 300 years back the Afghan region belonged to India and it was one gigantic continent Bharat. Does she know even before the Mughals, Arabs or the British invaded India, the entire region was dominated by Hindus and Hinduism?!

Kashmir was a place where great rulers like Lalithaditya was born, he was called the Alexander of India who extended the Kingdom from Tibet to China to Tashkent in Russia. The land which was known for its rich cultural values, traditions and wealth was unfortunately infiltrated with Mughals, Arabs and British who destroyed the core values in the country.

As a result, today we see these illiterate brains roaming in the system. The Congress which created incubation centres for Anti Nationals has spread the disease in every part of the country. In fact, this is exactly what they want, to destabilize India, keep people ill-informed and take advantage of the situation.

People like Arundati Roy never speak a word when thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were murdered, when they were butchered on the streets of Kashmir. But they are very active to recognize the fake intolerance, freedom of speech to terrorists and fight for terrorists like Afzal Guru. They are happy when Pakistani slogans are raised, Azadi slogans are chanted and Indian amy is attacked and killed.

But they just don’t realise that thousands of years India has faced lakhs of infiltration and has remained strong and they could not shake the core ideology of our culture. So no matter how many more Arundati Roy’s or Azadi gangs threaten India, they cannot shake a pillar of our democracy or culture.

For the majority of the people who believe in patriotism and mother land Arundati Roy’s statement will just be another Cat meowing on the street who can do nothing!

So I say Azadi slogan in Kashmir is not a beginning, but an end!

Aishwarya S