Kashmir Separatists only 5% who want Azadi from India, Rest 95% want Azadi from Separatists!

One and the only thing I like about Separatists is that they are an open book! They, unlike Congies and Commies, neither  fake patriotism for Bharat nor hide their love for Pakistan! Neither do they call themselves Indians, nor say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”! I mean, well sorted out people! But, being  an Indian,  there ends all the reasons for me to like them. And hence, when the point was raised to cut on the freebies & Security costs incurred by GOI on these scumbags, I felt relieved! At last!
As per Jammu and Kashmir CM, Mehbooba Mufti, these Kashmir Azadi gang of Separatists is only 5%  while the whole 95% want azadi from this gang! 95% normal Indian citizens residing in the Valley want Development, Better Infrastructure, Education, Water and all those other basic things to lead a decent human life. Thanks to Zee News survey, we got to see the glimpse of those 95% patriotic Indians in the Valley proudly shouting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai” and stating the atrocities of the separatists.

I must say, it was a pleasant surprise for me! The (Paid) Media, the fourth Pillar of Democracy, always spoke the exact language of Separatists! Made me believe that Kashmir wanted azadi, period! After the successful exodus of 5 lakh Hindu Kashmiri Pandits, I feared  they won’t look back!  But when 76% voted for a democratic Govt, hopes were revived.  Ordinary citizen like me, situated far away from the Valley could see through the Pak Propaganda peddled by channels like NDTV and India Today! The other day, when Sajjad Lone told this point-blank on the face of Barkha Dutt @ndtv, I almost died laughing!

Now, coming to the outrage on the amount spent on these traitors summing to 7K Crores Rs from 1989 till date, I feel happy at the initiation of the discussions on this topic!  Thanks to Social Media, the message reaches the mass how their Tax money is misspent on these Anti-national Forces by GOI. Public starts reacting, revolting & rebelling! When Leftist Commies’ efforts to have a Dialogue are brushed aside like a speck of dust by Hurriyat leaders, our presstitutes don’t know where to look!

Let’s keep at raising this issue and free our Heavenly beautiful Valley off this Filth called Separatists! Its time the valley parents dissuaded their children to fall sucker to their dirty game! These youth too have a right to education….if not grand abroad education like the children of separatists, at least as per their affordability!  Let’s stand with our Indian Army with all our solidarity and thrash those corrupt-minded people bad-mouthing them. Jai Hind!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi