Kashmir Violence What’s The Solution??

The dream of turning Kashmir into a peaceful state without eliminating the influence of separatists and Pakistan is like dreaming to find peace in WAR!!!
The real problem for violence in Kashmir is not because of the army, pellets or AFSPA. But it”™s the problem of Jihadi influenced mindset refusing to accept democratic government. Of course, there is huge benefit from the violence. Separatists, politicians have always used violence to gain both sides, posing to be the face of Kashmiris while their children and family are happily settled abroad. Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Asiya Andrabi and Mohammad Ashraf Ali have made sure none of their family members are involved in this violence.
Kashmir violence is not new and did not start because Burhan Wani was killed. This only gave a reason for orchestrated violence for Hafiz Sayeed and his sympathisers in Kashmir. Stone pelters were given rupees 500 to prolong violence. Pakistan would never let Kashmir be in peace until the connection between the borders is completely seized. The only issue that keeps the Pakistanis united is > Kashmir. Or we would have seen another Syria or Libya in our neighbour.
What is appalling is that such terror occupied state gets the most benefit from centre, that is 8 times more than any other state gets. While other state get 70% debt and 30% grant, Jammu Kashmir gets 90% grant and 10% debt. The revenue generation from Jammu Kashmir is the least and they cannot pay their own state wages without help of centre. In the year 97-98 the CAG had reported misuse of funds allocated to the J&K government. Even so the centre has scrapped the 10% repayment and hence the centre bears the entire responsibility of the Jammu & Kashmir which costs around 11,500 crore in 5 year.
How much is being spent on development??

Sadly our soldiers are fighting an undeclared war risking their life for someone who do not value. They are questioned for killing terrorists, using pellet guns and tear gas but nobody sees the sacrifice of our jawans. We may blame Pakistan for all the misfortunes in J&K but let”™s not forget our own people have betrayed our country. Asiya Andrabi even after openly endorsing Pakistan and Hafiz Sayeed still roams free. Congress had enjoyed good support from these people as they never cared or opposed the Anti India stand. After all, it was Nehru who created the Kashmir mess. Congress made sure they got plum shares and enjoyed all comforts. Ignoring the problem for over 50 years and letting the separatists breed and multiply has made the Kashmir an unsolvable problem.
Politics in Kashmir has changed since BJP came to power in 2014. The goal of separatists and congress to keep BJP out of the J&K failed causing jitters in the Anti India lobby. What Modi has been able to achieve since 2 years is to give free hands to army and police.

However the Kashmir issue needs a permanent solution. What lacks is ONE RULE ONE LAW to all people. Any voice against the country should be curbed mercilessly including the media which has been a key player in sympathising terror. Seizing all border engagements, cancel the citizenship of separatists and Pak sympathisers. Delaying and ignoring tactics will benefit no one.

If J&K is surviving in the sympathy of Indian tax payers, then it”™s bound to follow the rules of India.

It”™s inexcusable that separatists are enjoying a luxury life abroad while our Jawans are being killed in a meaningless war that has no end.