Kashmir Will Never Be Yours, Stop Dreaming… Says Sushma Swaraj to Pakistan!

She came, she spoke, she conquered”¦.and beyond expectations! Our Minister of External Affairs Smt Sushma Swaraj made India”™s voice heard LOUD and PROPER at 71st UNGA! The world listened with rapt attention while enemies were left red-faced and scared stiff!

  1. Introduction-A year has passed since my last address here at UNGA. Things have changed a lot since then.  Due to the shortage of time, I would like to speak on the important issues for the world at large!
  1. About us, India– These two years have been significant to India in achieving 17 of its goals of development! Clean India Mission taken by one and all . Jan Dhan Yojna under which 25 Crores accounts are opened by poor people. Digital India and Skill India gave a new dimension of development to India. Not to forget Make in India, Beti bachao beti padhao, and so on.

India accommodates one sixth of World Population. Hence SDG (Sustainable Developmental Goals) is important for India.

Like every country, India too has planned its Agenda 2020. It can only be achieved through International Cooperation! To combat with the problem of Global Warming, Our PM Modi has suggested “Climate Justice ” that is, to treat the issue of Global Warming Ethically and Politically along with environmentally. As Mahatma Gandhi said, Nature provides enough for all, but greed can never be satiated. It invites Nature”™s wrath!

Yoga is the ancient Practice of India for a healthy life and healthy Environment! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for proclaiming 21st June as the International Day of Yoga!

All the countries should contribute to the Environmental issue in their own capacities! India has an extremely ambitious project of drawing 40% energy from biomass and Major Solar Energy Supply  in near future!. Our FDI investors can be at ease about investing in India. India will submit its Instrument of Rectification on the auspicious day of Mahatma Gandhi”™s Birth Anniversary, that is 2nd October. India will be a major Contributor to Global warming issue!

  1. TERRORISM-Now let”™s talk about the issue the world is worried about. Terrorism. It”™s the 15th anniversary of 9/11 Attack this month . Fifteen days ago, one more attack was witnessed by this city aimed at innocents. We can relate to your pain. Our Soldiers in Uri were attacked by same Terror forces! The world is combating with Terror for long.In spite of it, Kabul, Dhaka,  Istambul, Brazils, Bankok, Paris, Pathankot and Uri witnessed these heinous Attacks of terrorist forces spilling the blood of innocents!

Here , we have to accept the fact that Terrorism is the Biggest Violation of Human Rights, as they kill innocents! They are not the enemies of any Particular country but the enemies of Humanity!

Now, the important point. Who gives shelter to the Terrorism? Terror Forces don”™t have their own bank or Factory for manufacturing terror weapons. Who funds them? Who supplies weaponry to them? Who protects and shelters them? The same questions were raised by Afghanistan a few days back. History is the witness! Whoever sows the seeds of terror, will have to eat the bitter fruits of it! The Small terror groups indulging in small-scale terror activities have transformed into  one huge Demon  with uncountable hands , legs and unlimited brains . They are also supplied with the utmost latest technology. To fight this Massive Terror Demon, we, the world need to come together ,leaving aside all the differences! We need to break the conventional equations, forget our likes and dislikes and need to overcome the old attachments too!  We can achieve this and scrape out the terrorism from the roots, if we are determined! If we fail to fight Terrorism with unity, the coming generations won”™t ever forgive us !

Those who don”™t want to participate in this Fight against  Terrorism , I demand hereby to totally ISOLATE   such countries! There are some countries who sow Terrorism, grow Terrorism, sell Terrorism and even Export Terrorism! Nurturing Terrorism has become hobbies of some countries!

  1. Pakistan– The infamous Terrorists conduct Rallies, address people , spread venom of hate and terror in the cities and no action is taken against  them! The country should be held equally guilty for allowing these terror activities! They should be excluded from the International  group of countries! And it”™s ridiculous when Pakistan  blames India for Violations of Human Rights in my Country! I would like to say one thing to them. Those who have houses made of glass shouldn”™t dare to throw stones on others. Before putting  allegations on us, I advice them to look  into their inner self. What”™s happening at Baluchistan is the height of atrocities.
  1. Pakistan has always alleged India to agree for Political discourse with CONDITIONS! May I ask which conditions they are talking about? Had we put any conditions when we invited Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif for the Oath Ceremony of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Had I put any conditions when I visited Islamabad for Comprehensive dialogue?  Our PM Modi made a detour to Lahore on his way to New Delhi from Kabul. Had he put any conditions? The truth is , we have tried very hard to strike a friendship with Pakistan. And the relationship between the both neighbor countries seemed to have improvised a lot. The exchange of formal wishes on festivals and special occasions was bringing the warmth of friendship between  India and Pakistan. But what did we get in return of this friendly gesture? Pathankot? Uri? Bahadur Ali?  Bahadur Ali is the living Evidence of Pakistan Terrorism across the border . I would like tell this loud and clear to Pakistan. If they  dream of snatching any Part of India from us by such petty means of instigatory speeches and statements”¦..JAMMU AND KASHMIR WAS THE PART OF INDIA AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE PART OF INDIA!So, better get over these dreams !
  1. We have counted our achievements here! We should also count the two non achievements. First is CCIT pending in UN for last two decades without reaching to any conclusion. I request all the members to pass CCIT as early as possible to control the terrorism effectively. Second request is to expand Security Council to include more countries in both permanent and non permanent sections to reflect to the current times!
  1. 21st century has witnessed the shadow of terrorism since the beginning . We can establish the golden era of peace and stability. But, it all depends our  present actions!   

Mrs Jyothi Suparna Chincholi