Kashmiri Panditis teach an unforgettable lesson to missionaries for trying to convert them!

Unable to bear the atrocities committed against them by the majority community in Kashmir the seventh exodus of Kashmiri Pandit happened in the year 1990. It is a known fact that the cruel genocide of Hindus especially Kashmiri Pandits were carried out by the majority community with the help of Pakistani terrorists. The genocide took place after thousands of terrorists from across the border infiltrated into Kashmir to start a new era of terrorism in a place which was known for its serene beauty and was believed to be heaven on earth. The infiltration resulted in the valley witnessing loot, plunder, murder, dacoity, rape and all kinds of crime committed against Kahmiri Hindus.

Kashmiri Pandits who had nowhere to go after they were forced out from their homes in the valley region. They were offered shelter in make shift tents in Jammu, where the Kashmiri Pandits found a temporary home for themselves. Kashmiri Pandits stayed at Mishriwala Camp, Purkhoo Camp, Muthi Camp and a majority of them found refuge in Delhi.

On one fine morning a group of white’s came from nowhere to meet the distressed Kashmiri Pandits in Mishriwala Camp to give solace to them. Kahmiri Hindus were shocked by the extreme humanity shown by these white people and thousands of them gathered as they were curious about the presence of these white people. The white people shared that they had watched the plight of Kashmiri Pandits in one of the western media and couldn’t stop themselves from coming to the camp and help them to retrieve what they had lost. KP’s were wonderstruck at the gesture of these white people and some of them also doubted the intention behind this sudden show of care and love. One of the Kashmiri Pandit finally asked why is it that the white people were in the camp, to which the white’s replied that they were messengers of God and God had a plan for them.

It was clear with the statement to the Kashmiri Pandits that the act was not a show of humanity but they had cruel intention behind the move. But the Kashmiri Pandits did not want to jump to conclusion as yet and hence asked what is it that they have to do to get help from these so called messengers in this time of distress. The white’s feeling happy that their cruel intention would win over these pandits and they would be able to convert these people into Christianity told them, “You have to choose God. You have to convert to Christianity”. KP’s refused the help straight away saying their religion is over everything for them and hence they would not convert themselves even if it meant they had to face death. The missionaries tried to bribe them, called Hindu religion barbaric and fake and also offered the Pandits with flats in Mumbai (Bombay) and also job in the new place.

Kashmiri Pandits who politely refused the offer said “If we had the greed of materialistic things then we would have already converted ourselves to Islam and lived in our own three storeyed houses where we had property worth millions” “still we did not give up our religion  ‘Hindu Dharma’ for the sake of materialistic things” added the Pandits. The missionaries were not expecting this kind of a response from the destitute Hindus and now it was clear that their cunningness to convert these people to Christianity was not working hence they resorted to abusing Hindu religion. Listening to this the calm and composed Pandits lost their patience and started attacking the missionaries who smelt danger and fled away in their cars without wasting any further time.

Those missionaries did not donate even a drop of water to these Pandits who were seeking refuge in their own homeland as they failed miserably in their effort to convert these Pandits. This incident which happened 25 years ago is still recalled by the Pandits and looking at the amount of crime being committed all over the world these Pandits are proud that their ancestors chose religion over materialistic things. The Pandits today are living with harmony in 17 different states and have been successful in their respective fields of expertise. The only thing bothering them is that they want to return to the valley and lead a life enjoying the serenity and beauty of nature which has remained more of a dream till now. But they are also upbeat about the fact that current government is taking pro active steps and implementing measures to make the Kashmiri Pandits return to their original land and live a life of peace and serenity.

Ramachandra Bhat K