Kejriwal Caught in Massive Corruption Scandal……Shocking Details Revealed!

Antics of anti-corruption crusader turned politician, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is well known. Ever since coming to power, we have hardly seen him work. The promises he made to the Delhi electorate lies forgotten and in cold storage. Every day he makes new accusations against the PM and targeting PM Modi has become his one point agenda. The CM does dharna at the drop of the hat and doesn’t bat an eyelid before throwing accusations at others. None of his accusations are substantiated with facts and neither does he bother to verify his sources. It is bemusing to recall that a number of his own cabinet colleagues and party members are themselves accused of graft. So much for being an anti-corruption party and one that was going to bring about political revolution. We have seen the worst kind of vulture politics, one that even surpasses congress, from Arvind Kejriwal.

If we thought that this man was going to change the face of Indian politics and bring in more accountability, then we were certainly mistaken. Far from being incorruptible he seems to be making money at the expense of the common man. We might recall that he who had said that he will always remain a ‘common man’ became a VIP demanding all luxuries after taking oath as Delhi CM.

It now comes to light that he is not only power hungry but also unscrupulous. Swaraj India, a new political outfit, accused Arvind Kejriwal of earning money through auto-financing. The party’s spokesperson pointed out that any person who wishes to purchase auto-rickshaws is made to pay around 4.50 to 4.7 lakhs whereas the actual cost of the vehicle is just around 1.85 lakhs. He further stated that only the listed price goes on record and the rest of the amount simply gets converted to black money. Swaraj India has demanded CBI inquiry over this entire affair so that the accused can be brought to book.


It is now clear why he was crying hoarse over PM Modi’s demonetisation policy. He is not one of those fighting corruption but fighting for the corrupt. We can hardly overlook the fact that Arvind Kejriwal took Fodder Scam accused Laloo Prasad Yadav’s side during Bihar elections. If he can stand with those accused of scams then certainly he wouldn’t be ashamed of doing scams himself.

As far as the auto financing scam is concerned, it certainly raises doubt over the integrity of Delhi CM. There also might be some sort of undisclosed arrangement between the Delhi Government and auto financiers. All these need to be thoroughly probed and if proven guilty then Kejriwal would lose the moral authority to continue as the CM of Delhi. Interestingly, while campaigning for Delhi elections he had sought and won the support of auto-rickshaw drivers. The poor drivers, who voted for him, would not have in the wildest of dreams imagined that he would swindle money from them. Well, it didn’t take really long for an anti-corruption crusader to turn corrupt himself, isn’t it? Or should we say that the anti-corruption mask fell off pretty soon?

Latha Iyer