Was Kejriwal, Gurumehar and Pakistan working together to malign Indian Army? Shocking exposure by cyber expert Gaurav Pradhan!

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan who is an IT professional & who has made some startling revelations in the past has come out with another series of tweets that reveals a nexus between Kejriwal, Gurmehar, & Rawalpindi. He reveals that there took place a concall between Kejriwal, Gurmehar, & a person from Pakistan, & goes on to expose the agenda behind these anti-India elements.

Let me start off with this tweet of his which has a screenshot of a tweet of his dated 26th of May 2016.

He had clearly mentioned in this old of tweet of his that in the run-up to the UP election there will be an ‘intolerance part-2’ which could either involve an Hindu-Muslim riot, an attack on a Brahmin, campus ruckus, or ‘abla nari’.

It is a matter of utter amazement that he was absolutely correct – campus ruckus is the Ramjas Row & ‘abla nari’ is Gurmehar Kaur! Read the following thread of tweets in which he alleges a nexus between Kejriwal, Gurmehar & Rawalpindi.

Dr. Pradhan says that once the results are out on the 11th, fresh controversies will be created by the nexus of AAP & the media with the help of Pakistani links.

He also mentions about how Kejriwal will work to create a divide between Hindus & Sikhs with Khalistanis, & it is of no doubt that Kejriwal has had one-sided support of Khalistanis in the recent Punjab polls.

These are startling revelations made by Dr. Pradhan! But what we really want is some action to take place against these anti-nationals who are working with India’s enemies to destabilize India. The need of the hour is to thoroughly expose Arvind Kejriwal once & for all in the eyes of the public, & one can only hope the Home Ministry & the security agencies are aware of all this.

Vinayak Jain