Is Kejriwal India’s Biggest Scam….The Shocking Inside Story!!! PART 2

In the previous article on Kejriwal India’s Biggest Scam, we had highlighted every detail of how he was a plot by the international agencies and NGO’s to break India in the name political revolution. He was implanted into the Indian system of politics to destabilize the democracy by questioning the constitution and raising voice against the democratic system.

This ideology of Kejriwal is not completely his own, but of the people whom he works for and gets funded. The major fund for Kejriwal comes from three sources. Ford Foundation and its sister organizations, Dubai and Pakistan!!! The complete details of Ford foundations which is sponsored organization of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, US) was provided in the previous article. The aim of the CIA is pretty clear. America which likes to hold control of all developing countries funded Kejriwal to establish himself in Indian politics in the name of Anti corruption movement. He utilized the sentiment against corruption of UPA government in 2011 and joined Anna Hazare movement to get into politics. His association with Ford foundation did not start in 2011 but it was since 2001 when he first started an NGO called Parivarthan!

Is Kejriwal India’s Biggest Scam….The Shocking Inside Story!!!

After 2011, he was well known in India. But his aim was not to fight against corruption, but was to occupy the highest position in India…The Prime Minister. That is why he immediately announced the launch of Aam Aadmi Party in the year 2013 and contested elections from Delhi. People who had tremendous faith in Kejriwal, voted for him and he occupied the CM chair for the first time. But Delhi is a half state, he doesn’t have power to take many decisions. He knew his aim was not CM but PM post, he thought his old tactics of DRAMA and Complaining would work and he will gain sympathy if he resigns. So just 49 days after he won Delhi, he submitted his resignation and announced that he would contest against Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi.

This was exactly what he wanted. His aim was never to contest against Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi whom he had protested 24/7 during Anti Corruption Movement in 2011. His calculation went completely wrong in 2014 and AAP could not even win 5 seats! The euphoria which he thought would last long had completely collapsed. This was the time he was broke, not because he LOST elections, but he was answerable to his masters in Pakistan and Dubai!!!

Yes, Kejriwal was never honest man, his idea was to grow big using short cuts. He knew if he has to survive in politics he either had to join hands with Congress since BJP’s nationalist ideology did not suit him or he must take the SIKULAR root of politics for support from international agencies! He chose the second one which most politicians do and had made deals with numerous Anti National organizations in 2013-2014. If people thought he managed his political party by donations of people, then there cannot be a bigger blunder.

In Oct-Nov 2014, after Delhi elections were announced, he was given stern warning by the funding agencies in Pak that he should win the election at any cost. He was given instructions that they are ready to spend any amount on his campaign and go to any extent to make him win. If you remember, just before Delhi elections the entire media rallied behind Kejriwal, they created a fake hysteria against BJP and orchestrated many church attacks just weeks before voting. There were Christian organizations that had openly asked their community to support Kejriwal amd reject BJP.


The later investigation showed that every Chruch attack was FAKE and orchestrated to malign BJP government during elections. Every media house and print media hyped the fake incidents to destroy the BJP. So did media work for him for NOTHING..??? Of course not! They did it because they were paid huge to do so!


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