Is Kejriwal listening ? After Mumbai, it’s the turn of Ranchi to have CCTVs !

One of the most important election promises that Arvind Kejriwal made during the run up to the Delhi assembly election was installation of 15,00,000 CCTV cameras all across the Delhi. Along with the other promise of “free WiFi”, this was one of the most important promises he made. However, it has been almost two years and Kejriwal led government has neither started the WiFi nor any work on CCTV cameras in Delhi has been done. In the meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister has inaugurated 500 free WiFi spots all over Mumbai and another 700 WiFi hotspots will be dedicated to the people of Mumbai by this year, making it the largest free public WiFi network in the world.

In October 2016, Devendra Fadnavis had launched the CCTV surveillance network, which is one of the largest in India. Mumbai CCTV network has about 4800 CCTV cameras spread over 1500 locations, covering more than 80% of the city. Soon, Ranchi is all set to have its own CCTV surveillance network by this year. Raghubar Das cabinet has approved Ranchi police’s proposal to set up 565 CCTV cameras across 170 locations in the state capital. The Rs 50-crore project is aimed at monitoring law and order and facilitating crime scene investigations. Briefing media persons after the meeting, police spokesperson RK Mallick said the installation process is expected to be completed by July. “Security cameras, set up by individual businessmen and residents, will be gradually brought under the surveillance network that will be developed by BSNL,” Mallick said.

Both Jharkhand and Maharashtra went to polls in November 2014, just a few months before Delhi. During the same period, while Devendra Fadnavis and Raghubar Das have respectively taken their states to great heights. Be it improved infrastructure in Jharkhand, LED streetlights in the cities of Jharkhand or CCTV network in Ranchi and free WiFi combined with CCTV surveillance network in Mumbai, Delhi is just getting its share of regular entertainment. The government in Delhi is just running on Twitter with main agenda of abusing the Prime Minister of India and Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal and the people of Delhi who voted for AAP, are you listening ?

Kshitij Mohan