Why Kejriwal lost Punjab elections…The best analyses by an Aam Aadmi Party supporter from Canada!

One of the biggest setback to Kejriwal in recent times was the humiliating loss in Punjab and Goa elections. The party believed that they will secure full majority in Punjab elections and Arvind Kejriwal wanted to put himself as a National leader.

But  their dreams were shattered the day results were announced as they lost both the states without even putting up a fight. The AAP and Kejriwal could not digest the fact that they lost both the elections and started blaming the EVMs for their loss.

They alleged that the EVMs were tampered to favour BJP and gave illogical reasons on EVM tampering. They also went to the extent of blaming Election Commission saying they supported BJP and allowed EVM tampering.

But the real reason for their loss was not EVMs or Election Commission or BJP, but themselves! Being an AAP supporter myself, I would like to give a detailed input as to what was the main reasons that lead to Kejriwal’s defeat.

  1. Firstly, let’s not assume that just because AAP’s internal survey gave them good numbers they were going to win Punjab. AAP’s internal survey can never be taken seriously and they cannot expect to win an election just because their internal survey gave them majority. All parties have the tendency to credit themselves after elections, after all, we see everything  in a positive sense and nobody would like to discredit them giving low numbers.

This has happened even in the DUSU elections.

The internal survey of AAP student wing CYSS gave 45% votes to CYSS and claimed it was winning the DUSU elections.

But when the results were announced, ABVP won posts of president, vice-president, secretary and joint secretary defeating Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). Failing to open its account, the AAP-led Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti (CYSS) which made its debut at the campus polls this year finished at third position.

In the year 2013, the AAP party contested for the first time and predicted they will get majority. The internal survey said they will get 47 votes, but it was BJP which came out as the single largest party and AAP landed in the 2nd position with 28 seats.

Even during the 2015 Delhi elections, the AAP predicted that they will get 51 seats, but they were shocked to see that they got 67 seats.

  1. Second factor was the CM candidate. AAP campaign in Punjab was lead by a team from Delhi. There were very little local people and most of the prominent positions were occupied by Delhi people who had absolutely no idea about Punjab’s political history.

They created confusion in between giving a hint that Arvind Kejriwal will become the CM of Punjab if AAP wins. So why did they do so??

The real reason was because AAP had already got the hint that they were not winning Punjab elections! Yes, the numbers which were projected in the TV, media did not reflect the ground reality of Punjab and media created a fake story and wanted to create a perception that AAP was winning Punjab.

A year back, Kejriwal did have some popularity in Punjab, but suddenly his popularity hit rock bottom in the month of September and November 2016. WHY?

The main reason was none other than his extreme negative comment against the Indian army. Questioning the surgical strike and the integrity of the Indian army was the biggest mistake he made in his life. This caused huge disappointment in the people of Punjab who respect Indian Army more than anything. This created a sense of apprehension in the minds of people as to whether Kejriwal was supporting Pakistan over India.

Supporting those people who chanted Azadi slogans was also one of the main reasons he was termed anti National. His imaged was dented huge when Pakistanis came in open support of Kejriwal and called him the hero for questioning the Indian army!

Moreover, Punjab is a place which is largely affected by drugs and narcotics. Kejriwal who promised to end the drug menace in 15 days after coming to power projected a CM candidate who is well known for his bad habits. Bhagwant Mann had been caught many times drunk in parliament, he had violated many rules before. How can one expect something good from such a person?!

Had AAP declared HS Phoolka as the AAP CM candidate, then people would have atleast shown sympathy to AAP.  HS Phoolka is a Senior lawyer and has been fighting the 1984 riot case since long against the criminals in Congress. People across political spectrum respect him. The Delhi AAP unit did not want any Punjabis to dominate the system and hence did not give any Punjabi a chance to prove.

  1. Other reason was kejriwal in the past 2 years could not prove himself as an efficient leader, he never brought any development he promised in 2015 during Delhi elections. It was very hard for him to convince people of Punjab or show the Delhi model. The unfulfilled promises on AAP in Delhi did not give any more confidence.

Punjab is a complex state, Punjabis may accuse the Akalis for many mis-governance and corruption, but there still exists a large section of people who believe that Prakash Singh Badal brought many developments and is respected by many. The BJP has always been a very close associate of the SAD party since decades. Kejriwal’s constant abuse on PM Modi was not taken well by people in Punjab. The extreme negative talk against PM Modi calling him coward, psychopath was criticized very much.

  1. His support to Khalistan terrorists was a major mistake. He lost complete support of people when he supported them, Khalistan terrorist are the ones who are destroying Punjab supplying drugs and literally killing the lives of youngsters. Their association with ISIS groups has proved that they are no different from ISIS terrorists which is trying to destroy India.

So there was no surprise that AAP lost Punjab elections, Infact they very well knew about their loss. Kejriwal just pretended to be shocked because he wanted to shift blame on EVM and save himself from embarrassment. The predictions of the news channels were bogus and Kejriawal himself had paid huge money for fake survey to gain publicity.

Gurdit Singh

(Resident of Canada)