Kejriwal Mascot of Rapists, Abusers and Corrupts…? Another AAP Leader Caught in SEX SCANDAL

After the big sex scandal of Sandeep Kumar, another AAP leader from Punjab has been accused of having sex with house maid.

AAP MLA Devender Sherawat two days back accused his own AAP leaders in Punjab were exploiting women, a group of party volunteers from Barnala have accused that Vijay Chauhan, party AAP party leader sexually exploited his house maid and has paid Rs 1 Lakh to cover-up the matter.

The AAP youth circle president president Ravinder Singh Dhillon released an audio clip of in which Rajwant Singh Ghulli was pressurizing the women not to file rape charges against Vijay Chauhan. In the clip, a women”™s voice was heard saying that her dignity was compromised and a male voice Rajwant Singh Ghulli saying not to file complaint and spoil the chances of AAP win in Punjab.

The youth wing of AAP has accused that the women was paid Rs 1 Lakh and sent to Amritsar. According to sources, Vijaya Chauhan had rented a house of Ghulli, where the victim and her husband were woking as house maids.

Ravinder Singh Dhillon said that the clip was sent to senior party members but there was absolutely no action taken. The women is in Amritsar but her activities are unknown. Ravinder Singh also said AAP leader Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak knew well about this incident but have shown no interest in the matter. Ghulli has also conceded that the voice in the tape is his but had denied any wrong doing.

These developments have embarrassed the party badly and Kejriwal is trying desperately to defend the indefensible. Kejriwal in a press conference alleged that Badals were indulging in framing conspiracies against AAP. But MR. Kejriwal please understand that these allegation weren”™t made by Badals but his own party members in Punjab.

Following back to back sex scandals, Kejriwal faced severe criticism and protests as he arrived in Ludhiana today. Women groups of BJP, Congress  staged protests demanding his statement on AAP sex scandals.

Looks like Kejriwal has ruined the entire cause of anti corruption. People like Ashutosh, Aashish Khetan who are supporting rapists have turned the party into filth. But Kejriwal hasn”™t taken any stand against them. The Delhi CM who had all this time claimed moral high ground for sacking Sandeep Kumar, today said that it was conspiracy against his people.

He also accused Badals have 63 CDs linked to other AAP sex scandals and said they are planning a conspiracy.

So how many sex scandals of AAP = 63 CDs from Badals + 1 Sandeep Kumar CD = 64

Another 3 MLAs are cameraman???

Total 67 MLAs….All running Full fledged Porn Studio???

Aishwarya S