Kejriwal scared of PM Modi? Why he pleaded with folded hands to a BJP leader, reveals Kapil Mishra

This is “Prime Time” for Modi haters because they can question how BJP can make a Dalit as India’s President. Only seculars can play politics on Dalits. Modi haters can even cry that BJP “killed democracy” in Bihar by supporting Nitish Kumar. How can NDA govern in Bihar when the “Lalu and gang” was busy in boosting their bank balance with several scams?

At this peek time for opposition, one question that haunts every political addict is that where is Mr Arvind Kejriwal? Kejriwal had paved ways for several speculations because he has not given out any public statements against PM Modi. Few political pundits are expecting Mr Kejriwal to come out with a new formula to check mate PM Modi. But the reality is shocking and it was never expected from a “control less tongue” of Arvind Kejriwal.

The full-time Modi hater and a part-time Delhi CM is frightened of PM Modi. This is revealed by none other than the once a big shot of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Mr Kapil Mishra.

Kapil Mishra who has been thrown out of AAP for exposing the corruption said on twitter that Mr Kejriwal had met a BJP leader with hands pleaded and said ‘he has no ill will against Modi Ji’. Mr Mishra also said that the Delhi CM promised not to utter a single word on PM Modi and had decided to tender a written apology to Arun Jaitley who has filed a defamation case against Arvind. But the reply given by the Union Minister with whom he pleaded was a tight slap on Kejriwal’s face. The Minister said that “I don’t think PM has time to notice that”.

If the claims made by Kapil Mishra are true, than it is like Kejriwal admitting that he had tried to halt the developmental works of PM Modi with mere intension to stay in political limelight.

How the Delhi High Court slapped Kejriwal?

On Wednesday, the Delhi High court had also given a blow to Mr Kejriwal by imposing a fine of  Rs 10,000 for not filing a response on the fresh Rs 10 crore defamation suit against him by Union minister Arun Jaitley.

How Kejriwal is trapped by his foolishness?

It is clear that Kejriwal is on a damage control mode. He didn’t gain any mileage by trolling and giving out clumsy political statements against BJP. He also had allegedly that Arun Jaitley was involved in corruption when he was the president of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), a post he had held from 2000 to 2013. Jaitley didn’t delay to file a defamation case against the Delhi CM for his derogatory statement.

Earlier this week, the High Court said that the remarks made by senior advocate Ram Jethmalani who had earlier appeared for Arvind Kejriwal were “indecent, scandalous and abusive” and demanded an undertaking from Kejriwal’s new lawyer, Anoop George Chaudhari, who will now cross-examine Jaitley on August 28.

The court also said that “I have never seen such scandalous words being used in any suit and it is uncalled for. This is not the way to conduct the cross examination”. The court also questioned AAP functionaries that “Are you aware that these words are unparliamentary?”

Why Kejriwal is scared?

Kejriwal has realised of his foolishness and he is scared that his sudden rise in politics may come to an end. So even though the entire opposition is attacking PM Modi, Kejriwal opted to remain silent. This supports the claims made by Kapil Mishra that Kejriwal pleaded with Union Minister to spare him.

Nishika Ram