Where is Kejriwal? Why is he silent now? Read what has made Kejriwal ashamed of himself

So many activities are happening in the natin. GST is awaiting to be inaugurated, PM Modi visited few nations, Azam Khan insulted Indian Army, a protest was staged in various cities named “Not In My Name”. But one person didn’t interfere in any of these issues and he is Mr Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi.

This questioning is haunting many Indians who had witnessed Kejriwal’s drama since he won Delhi’s throne. Kejriwal was chasing and attacking PM Modi in every possible way. But now all of a sudden he is silent. This is a very crucial period to all Modi haters because GST is on a verge to get inaugurated, Presidential elections are on the way too.

Rather than providing better governance to Delhi people, he chose to fool the nation by asking degree certificates and other silly things. But now he has stopped everything. Why so?

In the book Narendra Modi, A political biography written by Andy Marino mentions a very important statement given by PM Modi.

The author Andy Marino asks Modi, how he handles the criticisms made by his political opponents?

Modi replied that he keenly focus on the comments made by his rivals and tries improve if it’s required. But if the comments are purely political then he ignores it and focus on the pending works. But apart from this, Modi said that he never tries to attack on his critics because it is purely a waste of time and it benefits none.

Gradually even people will stop paying attention to these critics and they will be looked as a funny character just like Rahul Gandhi. Ultimately the critic will be the loser as his real potential will never come out as he is busy attacking Modi in every possible senseless ways.

This has caused a lot of damage to Kejriwal as he has started to lose his political grip over various states. He is losing his existence in his Delhi itself. His party has failed to formulate political strategies for the Punjab and Goa elections as a result they lost a chance to emerge as a national party. By focusing his attention on criticizing Modi, he forgot to formulate developmental policies in Delhi.

Now Kejriwal is considered as a comedian rather than a politician. Initially, after the launch of AAP, Kejriwal had a battalion of staunch supporters who were well educated but now they are distancing themselves from Kejriwal. Here, political inexperience of Kejriwal is clearly evident.

Now, it seems like Kejriwal has realized his mistakes and he is ashamed of himself. That is the reason he is not openly coming out to criticize PM Modi.

Does Arvind Kejriwal think that his political career is coming to an end?

Credits: Naval Malpani

Nishika Ram