Why Kejriwal Has Suddenly Stopped all His Rallies After 8th November??

Ever since kejriwal took over office as Delhi CM, we have mostly seen him outside office on either roads, JNU or visiting houses of dead looking to play vote bank politics. How many of us remember any good initiative he started as CM, what problems of people he promised during elections has he solved? Now if we look back, all we can see in his dramas, blame games and theatrics.

This man who won elections in the name of anti corruption movement today is shockingly criticizing the historic move of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes aimed to curb black money mess. Kejriwal has been shamelessly opposing the move and defending the black money market without realizing the ground reality. People despite any hardships have given complete support to the demonetization plan which will prove beneficial to the country on the long run.

Kejriwal from past 6-7 months is campaigning in Punjab and has hardly visited his office which has left most of the work related to Delhi pending. This man who did not even come to Delhi when the entire city was suffering from chikungunya and dengue, suddenly has not left Delhi since November 8th.

He who used to visit poll bound Punjab every 2 days once, hasn’t visited the place in 7 days after demonetization announcement. Some of the internal staff at CMO say that in the past 2 months Kejriwal has hardly visited his office and whenever he did, it wasn’t for more than 15-20 minutes. His staff also revealed that he has hardly held 2-3 cabinet meetings in several months. Recently he had called for a meeting because the Delhi’s pollution level increased greatly and he received severe criticism from people and Supreme Court.

Kejriwal who within minutes created such huge chaos bringing his party men and supporters over the alleged suicide of veteran Ram Kishan, today is not finding anyone to perform drama in front of Prime Minister’s house or Finance Minister’s house.

From past one week, all his activities in Punjab has come to stand still, he has hardly conducted any rallies or meetings. But he is desperately demanding the government to roll back the demonetization decision. He even threatened about Law and Order situation if Modi doesn’t roll back the demonetization decision.

So what does this imply??

Any sincere person would understand that putting brake on black money will help the country, will a real anti-corruption crusader oppose the move?! But here is kejriwal who is trying his best to sabotage the war against black money using common man’s name. Until now there has been various survey’s and opinion polls conducted by various channels to understand the mood of the nation, all the polls have unanimously suggested that more than 75% of people are supporting the move.

So is Kejriwal completely blind to reality or is there bigger reason for which he is more worried? Not long ago, the Ex-Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence officer RSN Singh had revealed shocking truths about Kejriwal’s money route to his NGO’s. The information had he provided with proof showed that Kejriwal has been receiving huge amounts from foreign agencies of Ford Foundation which is said to be playing a crucial role in destabilizing India’s economy. Undeclared funds are being transferred to his NGO’s Parivarthan and Kabir since over a decade from the same organizations.

His NGO’s had come under severe scrutiny for violating the FCRA norms of the Indian government. After which he suddenly closed down all his websites and declared that these were not registered organizations.

Is Kejriwal India’s Biggest Scam….The Shocking Inside Story!!!

A recent report by CNN Network 18 revealed that IT department found unaccounted wealth of over 130 crores cash in AAP MLA Kartar Singh Tanwar’s office and jewellery worth over 1 crore at his home. Is this why Kejriwal is feeling tremors inside him??

Or is it because he has illegally collected 3000 Crore cash which is meant to be used in upcoming election in Punjab and Goa?!  Kejriwal major source of income has hit deadend which is exactly why he is cribbing day and night.


Kejriwal after many months suddenly calls a special session, for what ? Not to discuss Delhi problems, but to use the Delhi assembly to allege Modi had taken bribe in 2012….!!! Provinding a pathetic photo shopped image.

Desperation at its PEAK!

Anna Hazare who was once Kejriwal’s guru also declared that demonetization action was a revolutionary step taken by Modi and he supports it 100%. But this man who had said he would never go against Anna Hazare anytime in his life has said that he will not support Anna and his stand on black money. So why did he even sit in Jantar Mantar and Ram leela grounds 5 years back screaming that he wants to end corruption?? He seems to be the biggest fraud of this country.

Looks like Kejriwal is unable to galvanize even 10 people without black money. Until now all these political parties used to pour in huge money to conduct riots, violence and chaos, but now their treasury has been lost.

Unable to bear the hit, Kejriwal has even gone to an extent of making personal attacks on the Narendra Modi’s mother. He said Modi is using his Mother for political gains, which was in a very bad taste. People have thrashed him left and right for his cheap comment.

The real danger to this country is not outsiders, but insiders who claim to be the so called citizens of this country and are favouring black money which in turn is helping the terrorists, criminals and anti social elements who are destroying the country from within.

Aishwarya S