Kejriwal tried to insult PM Modi and also praised Manmohan Singh! But what happened later proves that people still love PM Modi

To everyone’s surprise, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was silent for an year and hadn’t even uttered a single word against PM Modi. After sending a series of apology letters in a plan to save himself from ending up in jail, Arvind Kejriwal has once again started his crazy act of attacking PM Modi again, instead of providing better governance to the Delhi people.

Now he has said that “People missing an educated PM like Dr Manmohan Singh. Its dawning on people now -“PM तो पढ़ा लिखा ही होना चाहिए।””

The comment made by Kejriwal was really hilarious because he gained popularity 8 years ago after he promised to end the corruption that was so rampant under the Manmohan Singh’s tenure as India’s Prime Minister. The biggest of the biggest scams were executed during Manmohan Singh’s tenure. So what was the use even though Mr Singh was a highly educated individual?

As a coincidence, soon after this comment was made by Arvind Kejriwal, a report said that Indian economy is well ahead of that of China. Yes, India’s economic expansion was at 7.7 per cent but China’s was 6.8 per cent in the January-March period.

By this, India has succeeded in retaining the fastest growing major economy tag. And the credit goes to a chaiwala PM who reformed the Indian economy that was totally destroyed by the Congress-led UPA for a period of 10 years prior to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure.

Even the senior Congress leader in Delhi didn’t like Kejriwal buttering Manmohan Singh!

What was even hilarious that even though Kejriwal went soft on Congress leader Manmohan Singh, the Delhi heavyweight from Congress totally decimated Kejriwal’s bluff as he said “You may now apologise to Kapil Sibal, Pawan Khera and Sheila Dikshit or rope in P Chidambaram or praise Dr Manmohan Singh. But you are the one-along with team Anna and backed by BJP, had spread lies and canard against the Congress leaders and brought Modi to power. Where is Lokpal”.

Here we go! Arvind Kejriwal and his affairs with scamsters!

An Indian remind us how Kejriwal is surrounded by goons who looted India. He said “Someone who started his politics opposing everything wrong Congress represented. Swearing on his kids not to take Congress support today shamelessly shares stage with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rahul Gandhi. The takeover seems 2 be complete! Shed a tear 4 those who saw hope in Aam Aadmi Party”.

A Chaiwala is better than an IITian!

“Delhi people made one IITian as CM, so-called pada likha (educated). I suppose still they are regretting their decision. This shows only for pity politics, you can sell your nation also”, said a Twitterati.

What about the high inflation and the economical depression under the educated Manmohan Singh’s era?

“Why was the food inflation as high as 18% under economist PM Manmohan Singh in UPA– Arvind Kejriwal kindly go through and will get an answer for your queries, please answer for the mess that you created in Delhi full of Scamsters”.

“Thank God we are still Missing Maun Mohan Singh and wish to keep missing him in future too”, said an Indian who was up with the UPA era.

We want a chaiwala as PM!

No, we don’t want PM like Manmohan Singh or CM like you. It doesn’t matter how so ever educated.
We want leaders who have a vision, can take a decision, are not self centered, true to the country etc.
Politicians should be replaced with Leaders.


Even after getting bashed terribly, Arvind Kejriwal didn’t stop him year old habit of blaming BJP for his failures. The Delhi peoples are craving for pure and sufficient water by Kejriwal is saying “BJP playing dirty politics with Delhiites water. Delhi was getting this water for 22 yrs. Suddenly, present BJP govt of Haryana drastically reduced this supply. Why? Pl don’t make people suffer due to ur dirty politics”.

Hansika Raj