Kejriwal Tweets Image of ‘Dead Thief’ as Innocent Who Died Standing in Queue….Gets Caught!

Let’s ask, Is this the Lowest can anyone stoop???

Kejriwal’s desperation levels has reached peaks which is obviously making him lose his sanity about what he is speaking or doing.

This man in the verge to prove Modi wrong, is crossing all limits and even abusing those people who are speaking in support of demonetization. Yesterday he called a BBC journalist corrupt and dishonest because he questioned Kejriwal’s claim of 55 deaths due to demonetization, although their relatives have claimed otherwise.

Abhishek Mishra a close friend of Arving Kejriwal and Congress, shamelessly tweeted that a man committed suicide because he could not get new notes even after waiting for 3-4 days. Kejriwal without verifying facts put the same image claiming he committed suicide for not getting money.



But the truth is, he was a bank robber who committed suicide after police came to arrest him. This happened in the Stan district of Madhya Pradesh. All news channels had reported this incident earlier. Abhishek Mishra has closed his twitter account after he was caught shamelessly spreading FAKE information!

The robber was identified has Dharmendra Patel, was a rowdy sheeter and was arrested several times before. He was caught by the villagers when he was trying to steal valuables and jewels inside the bank. The entire incident is set to have been recorded in CCTV camera.

Kejriwal who tweeted this wrong information was again exposed and tweeples have blasted him badly for spreading wrong information.

Aishwarya S