Did Kejriwal Want Anna Hazare to ‘DIE’ During the India Against Corruption Agitation???

The agitation India Against Corruption, was one of the biggest ever protest in many decades. It was one agitation where every common man lend their support and thought Anna Hazare and Kejriwal would really eliminate the problem of corruption in India.

However as days passed the protest lost its importance and people realized that many of its members were only there for political benefit and misused the sentiment of people for their personal goals. The country was literally fooled by so called anti corruption activists. One of the prime members who utilized this opportunity was none other than Kejriwal.

Although the agitation received unprecedented media attention, some of the dark truths and untold secrets were never picked by any media. While some of the media journalists wanted to hide the real facts since they believed with a new party emerging they will get a chance to jump from media to politics!!!

Many people do not know that Kejriwal and Anna Hazare were no close friends, nor did they know each other. They both worked on completely different agendas and had no connection. Kejriwal was running two NGOs (Illegally while he was in govt. service) since 2001 and had links with International agencies, which had vested interests against India. On the other hand, Anna Hazare was focused on anti corruption and protested against many corrupt officers earlier too. When Anna Hazare launched his campaign in 2011, it was Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia who joined the team in the first place. They wanted name, publicity and a clean image profile. The idea to participate in the India Against Corruption was also give by the same International agency which was funding him.

They never expected India would support them so much, when they realized that entire India was with them, they wanted to play their cards. In 2 months, they received huge support and the news had reached every corner of the country.  The unprecedented support Anna Hazare received after he started the ‘indefinite fast’ for Lokpal, which stunned the country and the team as well. They never imagined that people of the country will stand with them day and night for the whole of 3 months.

This was the time Kejriwal wanted, He perfectly utilized the love towards Anna and the sentiment which broke during his 13 day fast to take control over the agitation and ultimately project himself as the leader. Kejriwal knew that if something happens to Anna, the biggest beneficiary will be him and he can utilize this to form his own party and contest elections.

Swami Agnivesh who was initially in the core team of Anna Hazare revealed one of the shocking information that Kejriwal wanted to sacrifice the life of Anna, if he had to come up. Swami Agnivesh had revealed some of the untold stories, when Prashanth Bushan and Yogendra Yadav were dismissed from the party.

Agnivesh had said, Kejriwal is very dictatorial, and would never let anyone stand before him. “I have witnessed his attitude during anti-corruption movement led by social worker Anna Hazare,” “I had warned Prashant Bhushan of Kejriwal’s behaviour during the movement. But Bhushan maintained silence over it. Today, he is bearing the brunt of Kejriwal’s attitude.”

Agnivesh had said there was one instance where Kejriwal had forced Anna Hazare to extend his indefinite fast during the agitation.

He says he remembers the exact words of Kejriwal …. “I stand witness to Kejriwal’s words that Hazare can stretch his indefinite hunger strike for 10-15 days more even after the government had agreed upon considering their demand during the anti-graft agitation. Kejriwal had even said that revolution needs sacrifice.”

He says he had warned Anna Hazare about the attitude of Kejriwal but he remained silent, since he did not want to break the team during the peak, even though he was very angry by decisions taken by Kejriwal. Agnivesh also says that Kejriwal diverted around 5-10 crores of India Against Corruption money towards forming AAP and completely hijacked the cause of the movement.

Aishwarya S