Is Kejriwal witnessing the end of his political career…started from Delhi, ending in Delhi??

Arvind Kejriwal who started his career through Anna Hazare’s Anti Corruption movement 6 years back, made people believe that he was a true Anti Corruption crusader and would bring corruption free governance.

He utilized the popularity of Anna Hazare and contested elections in Delhi and won with a clear majority. But very few who knew about his real background kept warning people that he was not a genuine man and had a questionable background. But however people did not buy the argument and gave him not once, but second chance to prove himself.

But what the country saw in 3 years was the other face of Kejriwal which was filled with hatred, abusive attitude, utter disrespect for democracy, government. In a span of 2 and half years, he did not initiate any development works nor did he take actions against corruption in Delhi. But rather he himself got caught in many scandals with his party members getting involved in various corruption charges, fake degree row and molestation charges. Kejriwal never focused on Delhi, but was more worried about projecting himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

He completely neglected Delhi and toured in Punjab and Goa with an expectation to recreate Delhi moment. But he saw a humiliating defeat in Punjab and Goa which showed him the reality of his popularity. Rather than accepting the defeat with grace and humility, he started blaming EVM’s and created a hue cry of the situation. The second jolt was the loss in Rajouri Garden by polls which again was a warning to Kejriwal. But he never realised and indulged himself in abusing BJP and Election Commission.

Later Kejriwal also lost the MCD elections in Delhi, which has given him an unbearable jolt. This is not a mandate for BJP, but for Kejriwal’s arrogance and his extreme abusive nature. He should realise the moment he spoke against the Indian Army and supported Pakistan, his credibility was vanished and his real face was exposed in front of the world.

Looks like people have now seen the real face of kejriwal and have realised where he belongs! Kejriwal’s career which started in Delhi will soon end in Delhi!!!

Aishwarya S **