Kejriwal’s AAP uses taxpayer’s 97 crores for party’s advertisement expenses; L-G orders to reimburse but Kejriwal denies

Mr Kejriwal led AAP government has always diverted the govt funds to either pay Kejriwal’s lawyer’s fee or crores on “Samosas”. The AAP has again disappointed the Delhi public. Yes, AAP had used 97 crores of government funds for advertising the govt policies. God knows what was there to promote during its tenure. People could only see Kejriwal blaming Modi and suspecting the surgical strike.

The L-G has asked the chief secretary to get the amount reimbursed from the Aam Aadmi Party. Baijal’s order came after a Union government-appointed three-member panel found the Kejriwal government guilty of “misusing” taxpayers’ money on advertisements and said the party should reimburse the funds.

L-G Baijal had also said that AAP must pay Rs 97 crores in 30 days for splurging govt money on ads. But even after 2 months AAP is not in a mood to pay the government fund.

Now comes the most hilarious part, Information officer of Delhi govt Mr Sarangi had asked the AAP led Delhi govt to pay the 97 crores again but Deputy CM Sisodia denied saying that they didn’t promote any person of their party, so they won’t pay. But the reality is that it was used to promote AAP party.

Sisodia makes another ridiculous statement saying that why did the officer allow the advertisements? Mr Sarangi responds back that the officials had warned that the rules are violated but the AAP govt didn’t pay any heed to it. Sarangi in his couple of letters to Sisodia also said him to recuse as there is conflict of interests.

Mr Sarangi also said that Sisodia had kept the files of that case in his custody and not submitting it is against the law. But Mr Sisodia continues his old style by saying that the Information Officer has mala fide intensions and is set to malign the government.

Here, the tax payers are the ultimate losers.

Source: Republic TV and Hindustan times

Rajat Bhandary