Kejriwal’s letters directly go to dustbin- LG Najeeb Jung in an explosive interview on Times Now

How do we all know Kejriwal? Yes by the great Anti-Corruption movement started by Anna Hazare five years back. A time when the entire country thought the politics in India will be changed, a Lokpal bill would end corruption forever, a 12 day fast will bring RAM-RAJYA to our country. But the reality was totally different, what the entire country saw an illusion of false hope and fake dramas. It is painful to concede this fact, as we all had been a part of that movement once upon a time.

It”™s regretful that we were part of a movement that introduced a person like Kejriwal into already rotten and corrupt political system. We made him the Chief Minister of Delhi, not once but twice. Brainy people always say “A carpenter should do Carpentry work and a mason should do construction work”. Similarly, a man whose life was filled with DHARNA should have been left to do the same. But he was made to sit on a chair which he obviously couldn”™t manage.

And the result is Delhi suffering! It”™s been one and half year since Kejriwal assumed office, there is not one day where he hasn”™t played his DRAMA. There is not one day he hasn”™t cried conspiracy, controversy. He starts his day by “Blame Modi” Mantra, passes it on to Lt. Governor, Delhi police, media and possibly every human being. Since day one he locked horns with Lt. Governor of Delhi, wanted police under his control, wanted ACB under his control. He is not able to manage the responsibilities he already has, and wants more? He has abused each and every person including the Prime Minister of India in a very uncultured fashion.

Kejriwal foolishly moved to the high court questioning the rights of the Lt. Governor. Today in a historic verdict the Delhi High Court has dismissed all the appeals made by the Kejriwal government saying “Lieutenant Governor remains the administrative head of the National Capital Territory”. The court has slammed the Kejriwal government saying “Policy direction can’t be issued without communicating to the Lt Governor and that all service matters fall outside the jurisdiction of Delhi Legislative Assembly and if the Lt Governor chooses to exercise his powers then it cannot be deemed unconstitutional”.

The Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung in an exclusive interview has revealed how Kejriwal has been proposing orders which are totally unconstitutional and how his behaviour is so uncivilized. Is Kejriwal doing all this DRAMA just to be in the lights of media, to escape from his duties? What development has he brought to Delhi since one year? Isn”™t it time that he spends more time working in the office than spending time in theatres, Twitter and VIPASANA centres?


 -Aishwarya S