Kerala Film Maker and Left Ideologist says “He Will Spit on PV Sindhu”

When the whole country is praising and rejoicing the win of PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik for bringing glory to India, here is one man from Kerala who had posted on his facebook page that he wants to SPIT ON PV SINDHU! The worst part is, this man is not just any troll but a filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan who had won Best Director award from Kerala State Film Awards in 2014. He is a hardcore leftist ideologist.

This post of his did not gain much media attention because most people do not understand Malayalam. But this is what he meant: What is so huge to celebrate here, Why are people celebrating so much, What if I Spit on Her”


It just did not stop there, another Leftist ideologist had put out another disgusting posted appeared by Wilson P S about Sakshi Malik.

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This means: “In the land without noses, even a person with a crooked or broken nose is a king”, “Country with 2 crore population got more gold medals than 130 crore populated country, and India is celebrating for a bronze medal. What do people who worship cows and drink its urine know about Olympics. I am embarrassed to be born in this country”.

So this is the respect shown by a leftist ideologist to our country and proud daughters. Now it doesn”™t surprise us why people from left parties and JNU students support Anti India slogans.


Media spent days and months talking about a orchestrated FAKE intolerance issue, But they have no spine to questions this criminal who has insulted our daughters and Nation. Imagine if the same sentence had been told by a Modi supporter, the media would have surely created another episode of intolerance.

Where are those hypocritic Women rights activists who talk about Women”™s dignity? I don”™t see Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Rana aayub, Shoba De speaking for these athletes as they spoke for terrorist Ishrat Jahan.

Every time such incident happens, it exposes these Pseudo journalists and fake liberals and activists who have murdered the quintessence of journalism in India.

Source: OpIndia

Aishwarya S