Kerala government turns Sabarimala Temple into police fortress, arrests Devotees and block entry!

The Kerala Government has literally made the Sabarimala temple into a war zone deploying thousands of policemen who are treating Ayyappa devotees as terrorists and goons. After the temple open for the third time since the Supreme Court verdict, there has been many attempts made by the pseudo liberal activists to enter the temple breaking traditions and customs.

Yesterday the well known controversial activist Trupti Desai demanded police protection by the Kerala government and attempted to barge into the temple with her friends. But the Devotees blocked her way and stopped her from entering the temple which made her return back. But now the lady has threatened to follow guerrilla war technique to enter the temple which is disgraceful.

But today, when the situation was about to calm down, the police have arrested Aikyavedi KP Sasikala who was on the pilgrimage to Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa temple. She was dragged and taken by the police after which a case was filed against her under the section 151  of the IPC.

Following the incident, the Sabarimala Karma Samithi called for state-wide shutdown today from 6 am to 6 pm in protest against the arrest of Hindu Aikyavedi state president KP Sasikala at Marakkoottam Friday night. She was going to Sannidhanam and was arrested after she protested when police did not allow her to travel at night.

The devotees said they were facing extreme inconvenience to visit the temple as the police and the government are flexing their muscles against the devotees. They called it a ploy to disrupt the Temple tradition and thereby stopping people from coming to Sabarimala.

This clearly seems an deliberate attempt by the CPM government to hurt the sentiments of Hindus and use Sabarimala issue for their dirty appeasement politics.

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