Kerala MLA, Veena George gets BJP worker arrested for posting a picture of bus stand and reminding her work!

While many pseudo-liberal journalists post provocative posts and make communal articles, no one ever questions them. They are free to mock anyone they want to any extent they want. But the same people go gaga if any of the BJP supporters speak the truth.

Kerala which has become a killing field for leftists, leave no opportunity to attack BJP/RSS karyakarthas. CPI(M)-backed MLA Veena George has now followed the same protocol to target a BJP worker just for questioning her on her duties on Facebook.

He posted …”Dear MLA madam it would be helpful if you can address the issue after beauty parlours and Orthodox dinners. Madam you have government vehicle to travel. Otherwise, there would be enough vehicles of the Church or Muthoot. The voters have no other means, madam.”

A BJP worker called Sooraj posted a picture of the Pathanamthitta bus stop which was neglected for years by every leader. After the rains, the bus stand was having water ponds everywhere which had made it difficult for the commuters to travel. For this reason, the BJP worker demanded the MLA to take action using a sarcastic post reminding her of her work.

But the MLA Veena George has taken the post personally and has got the person arrested on charges of spewing communal tension. Veena George filed a complaint with local police leading to the arrest of S Sooraj, the page admin. Sooraj who was charged with section 158 IPC (giving provocation with the intention of causing violence) was later released on station bail.

But the sad part here is how can the BJP worker be accused of creating communal tension when he had posted a picture of bus stand reminding the MLA of her duty? In no way, we support abusing any ladies, but the man has made a sarcastic tweet and not a communal tweet that could provoke any religious clash.

These people who claim to be feminists and women rights activists did not speak a word when Textile Minister Smriti Irani was abused in the most disgraceful language by the same pseudo liberals. This is what makes them earn the tag hypocrites. So, the complaint against the BJP worker had nothing to do with the trolling, but a way to scare the opposition with dictatorial tactics so they never speak again.

The MLA who got the man arrested has faced massive criticism for her act on social media!


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