Kerala’s Communist Govt’s U-turn on Sabarimala! Now says women activists must not enter the Sabarimala temple

The left Government in Kerala which was earlier hell bent on implementing the apex court verdict on the Sabarimala issue of entry of women of all ages to the shrine with immediate effect has now taken a turn. It has changed its stance on the entry of women in the temple.

Earlier Government has assured to provide complete security to women entering the temple but now it has asked the Inspector General of Police (IG) to bring back the women who were trying to enter the Sabarimala temple to the base camp.

This step was taken by the Government just few hours back when the fake women activists Kavitha Jakkala, a journalist with Hyderabad based Mojo TV and Rehana Fatima, who were on their journey to the shrine had covered the half way to the temple. The left Government which was earlier even not ready to file a review petition before the apex court on this issue changed its stance and said that the women who were trying to enter shrine were activists and not real devotees.

The Kadakampally Surendran, State Devaswom (religious trusts) minister has also claimed that the Sabarimala temple is not a place for the activists to ‘prove their point’ and it is for the government to facilitate the real devotees to reach the temple and to offer prayers there. The women activists are now being seen as a hindrance to visit by the real devotees.

This is the win of power of religion. This is the win of real devotees of Lord Ayyappa which led the communist Government of Kerala to surrender. The change in stance of Government makes it absolutely clear that right now Communist Government led by Pinarayi Vijyan is facing the heat of the moment and it has realized it has took the wrong step and now fears a further backlash among Hindus against the incumbent government.

The left Government is now in fear that the anger among the Hindus is going to cost the party heavily in the upcoming LokSabha elections in 2019. Hindus have always been a strong vote base for communist party in Kerala while Muslims have always favoured the Congress party in the region

Along with that the strong emergence of BJP in the state is also a setback for communist party. The party is in fear that if they will not backtrack their steps on the stance they are following in case of Sabarimala case their vote base will shift toward the BJP.

Hindus of the region are already irked with the Supreme Court verdict which is hurting their religious sentiments. Upon that the way in which the Government of Kerala has reacted to the Supreme Court verdict supporting it and not standing with Hindus in their time has added fuel to the fire embarrassing Hindus more
So, now whatever the communist Government of Kerala do or try to pretend people have well understood their intentions and the time is not far when the leftist Government of Kerala is going to witness its end in the region

Source : Rightlog