Keralites, if you don’t get Rs 700 crore from UAE then the reason for it is Congress party! Know why

Soon after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared Rs 700 crore aide to Kerala relief fund, the social media warriors who never involved in the relief work started to claim that UAE has done what PM Modi couldn’t do. But when they got a hint that the Indian government might deny the aide provided by UAE, they started to politicize it.

Few questioned, “would the Modi government have had done the same if the flood had hit Gujarat or any other BJP state?”. But they will never say it aloud that India is unable to receive foreign funds only because of the policies formulated by the Manmohan Singh government in 2004.

In the year 2004, a day after the Christmas celebration India was hit by a deadly disaster where the earthquake in the Indian ocean and the Tsunami had demolished several Indian cities. This incident had affected 14 countries and claimed nearly 2.3 lakh lives. Even India was worsely hit as over 12,000 lost their lives and more than 6 lakh people’s lives were affected.

During tragedy, India was ruled by Manmohan Singh’s Congress party and when foreign nations offered aide, the then Prime Minister Mr Singh had said, “We feel that we can cope with the situation on our own and we will take their help if needed”.

Since then India hasn’t taken any aide from other nations like Russia, United States, Japan during various calamities, including the Kashmir floods of 2005 and even the Uttarakhand flood that claimed over 5,000 of lives.

It is not that India had not accepted aide in the past. During the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure, India had received foreign aide thrice. Below is a list:

  • Gujarat earthquake (2001)
  • Bengal cyclone (2002)
  • Bihar floods (July 2004)
  • Latur earthquake (1993)
  • Uttarkashi earthquake (1991)

What will be Modi government’s next move?

The government sources had said “Firstly, the governments since then have felt that India has the capacity to handle disasters like these. And secondly, accepting from any one government opens the floodgates for others as well, and it would be diplomatically difficult to refuse from some while accepting from others”.

The sources also added that “It is not possible to curtail aid from NRIs in foreign countries or NGOs working in the disaster management sector. Their funds can be accepted through the remittance route”.

India is capable of managing these disasters by itself so there is no question in taking other nation’s support.

What will the Modi government say to UAE and the other nations that offered monetary support to India?

“The Indian diplomats are expected to express gratitude to foreign government officials and diplomats for their sentiments and offer, but are to be politely told that the government has no requirement as of now, but will let them know – if and when the need arises”.

The above will be the reply given by Indian ambassadors to various nations to the offered aide to India. But few Indian journalists didn’t stop misleading and provoking Indians as Sagarika Ghose, who had once said that Hindus fill their semen in balloon and throw it at others during holy celebrations, tried to attack Modi government saying “the Modi Government needs to make a clear statement why it is refusing foreign funds for Kerala flood relief, in an unprecedented declared calamity of loss of life and livelihoods”.

Source: Indian Express

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Hansika Raj