Khalistani terrorists who are planning to destroy India reveal that they funded various enemies of India, including Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP


The Khalistani propaganda of extremist demanding for breaking up of India for the formation of a separate nation state for those of the Sikh religion since 1970-80’s is now once again picking up the pace in the new avatar.

According to Republic World reports, these groups settle to various parts of country present them as they are doing a peaceful resistance movement but under the garb of it they have sinister plans. They have mastered the art of hoodwinking international authorities by aggressively selling a false narrative about India. Their sole aim is to make the international community believe that India has been persecuting Sikhs for decades now.

One the one hand they say that there is no link with Pakistan, but then they go ahead to say that Pakistan wants to be their ally. One the one hand they say that they want a peaceful solution and then they say that they will continue with their violent means of carrying out attacks on people like Manjit Singh GK and Lt General Kuldeep Brar.

Khalistan terrorism is surging noticeably in India since 2015. Several terrorist strikes and assassination bids have been carried out in Punjab in the last few years. In 2017, a Hindu sect leader Amit Sharma was killed in Ludhiana and in 2016, two right wing leaders were killed and three attempts of assassination were carried out.

To unmask their real faces and their real intentions of breaking India, Republic TV carried out a string operation which led to some stunning revelations.

Khalistani group members have been caught on camera accepting working hand in hand with China, Pakistan and Maoists to wreck havoc in the country.

Shamsher Singh of the National Sikh Youth Federation, a front for Khalistani groups, was caught on tape making stunning revelations. In the video, he is seen calling for wanting to ‘break up India’ by giving a free hand to Naxals, Maoists, and others who have a similar ideology.

“It is a complete secessionist movement. We do want India to break up. We want Naxals to be free. Dravidistan to be free. We want the Maoists to be free because our enemy is the same. Our enemy is Delhi. Our enemy is the Brahmins. Brahminism as an ideology is the enemy of all people in India except for Brahmins (inaudible). It’s the unification our goals, our goals are laying here. We want Delhi to fall,” he went onto say.

Almost similar words were used by Gurcharan Singh, member of the once banned Dal Khalsa. His explanation for this break India alliance is equally sinister. He says “The enemy of your enemy is your friend. That is the simple thing. And secondly, when the union is smashed into small parts we will need coalition of such groups.”

The Khalistani groups have made a track change in their entire operation. They have realized that having countries like China on their side would pay more dividends. They admit that they are willing to finance all anti-India groups but would rather prefer to do all of this by not coming out in the open.Earlier also during Punjab elections they have funded the Aam Aadmi Party to upset the political setup in India.

During the whole investigation of Republic World, many such stunning and shocking revelations are uncovered. From a possible link of Pakistan in the attack of Akali leader Manjeet Singh in US to the claims that the group has killed over 2,700 people, including many PMs, CMs and Generals of the Army, in a first ever sting operation Republic TV has exposed the real face of such groups and their members.

Credits: Republic World