When we were a kid, did we play cricket match with our neighbouring kid even after having a fight with him?

“We defeated a bunch of losers, we batted well, his captaincy was good and we are invincible. Finally the boys played well.” This was the sentence of several Indians when we defeated Pakistan on 4th June. Indians were awake till midnight and celebrated the victory.

Many happily chest thumped that we gave a perfect answer for Pakistan-for violating cease fire- by defeating it by a whopping 124 runs. Few others in the name of sportsmen spirit indulged in betting and earned few bucks. Thus we exhibited our patriotism.

But between all these, one sentence that haunted me was a post of a Major. “When we were a kid did we play cricket match with our neighbour after having a fight with him”, this was the first sentence of his article. If a person cannot understand this simple sentence then we can call him as a “fool” without any hesitation.

Afghan being a small nation goes tough against Pak but why not India:

Afghan is a small nation and it is a new born baby when it comes to cricket. But its stance against Pakistan is highly appreciable. Let me say why it took a brave move.  Afghan said that it won’t play against Pakistan not because it hates Pak but it backs terror activities in Afghan, let us salute its patriotism. We dont know whether the Afghan cricketers are paid sufficiently or not by it could have played against Pak and could have made some money as people will surely watch it playing against its rivals. But it considered national interest more important.

What did India do?

India is leading the world in the battle against terrorism. But at times we take very foolish moves.  Recently, Sports Minister Vijay Goyel had said that no talk is possible with Pakistan until it stops its terror activities. So why did India violate its own statement? “Mr. Goyel, did you play cricket with your neighbouring kid in your childhood days after you had a fight with him? You only played after the clash was settled down. Isn’t it?”

What would have happened if Kohli and team didn’t play cricket with Pakistan? Would our GDP see a downfall or would India’s industrial growth halt? The families of the serving soldiers and the martyrs family would have been happy to see India boycotting to play against Pak.

The terrorists have their breakfast, lunch and dinner with Pak army and then decide to attack India with their help. These sneak inside border, fire at Indian soldiers and mutilate Indian soldier’s body. Blood boils when one hears this incident, how should the martyr’s family feel? Will those who sit inside AC room and take decision on India’s participation ever understand this.

With whomever India may play, the BCCI is not bothered. It gets satisfied only when its bank balance takes a hike. They represent India but why have they failed to understand the nation’s unsaid feelings? A world’s richest cricket board has tried to detach itself from the nation just to have supremacy in the world of cricket.

India lost a huge opportunity to internationalise the Pak issue:

Did Kohli or Dhoni secretly play the match against Pak? BCCI couldn’t have done anything if the Indian cricketers unanimously opposed not to play against Pak. But they decided to hug money over soldiers’ sacrifice. India had a very good opportunity to shame Pak front of the world. But it chose to be a fool. It got stuck to Man Mohan Singh’s diplomacy to lessen the rivalry between the two nations by playing cricket match.

Modi and the soldiers are not the only one who can contribute towards the nation. From a coolie worker to a CEO of a MNC can contribute to the nation. Why patriotism is a word which should be shown only by the soldiers and not by rest of the Indian citizens?

Source: Hanumantha Kamath

Rajat Bhandary