Kill Modi If You Have Guts! Says Karnataka Congress leader in an official party function

The hate towards PM Modi has crossed all the limits and now a Congress leader in Karnataka has given a call for the assassination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While addressing a public gathering organised by Congress party, its leader Belur Gopalakrishna while spewing venom against PM Modi and the BJP, gave a call to assassinate PM Modi.

In the video which is doing rounds in the internet, Belur Gopalakrishna says “…this nation has condemned the insult. They praise those who killed Gandhiji, they praise Godse. Such people should not be in this country. If they try to attack our democracy, if you have guts, let them target and kill Modi, not anybody else…”.

This issue was brought to light by the Karnataka BJP on its twitter handle tweeting “Belur Gopalakrishna, a Congress leader in a official party function calls for assassination of democratically elected PM Sri Narendramodi ji”. It added “Instigating for assassination of PM of a country is a nation threat and we urge union Home Minister’s office, Bangalore City’s Commissioner of Police to impose legal action immediately”.

What was even more shocking is that when this abusive politician was confronted, Belur Gopalakrishna justified his comments saying that he made this comment a month back and why is the BJP raking these up now. This was absolutely bizarre because going by his logic, the court can’t punish a murderer if he had done the crime a month ago.

Now it is interesting to see how will the Congress party respond to this. The Congress party had attacked PM Modi and demanded his statement when some private citizens who were followed by PM Modi made a controversial remark.

This is not the first time Congress making such remarks cheap, abusive and threatening statements. Till date, including the Gandhis, the Congress leaders have abused PM Modi and even his parents.

Hansika Raj