What kind of punishment should be given to these 3 men who have been arrested for raping a woman and for killing her 8 month old daughter?

The rapists who boiled everyone’s blood are finally arrested. The Gurugram police arrested all three men who killed an eight month old baby and raped her mother in a vehicle.

The three rapists are between the age group of 20 to 25 years old. Their names are Yogender, Amit and Jaykesh. Out of three, Yogender and Amit were arrested on Wednesday. Police said that Yogender was arrested from the same village of the woman and Amit was arrested from the Delhi-Gurugram border.

The rapists were doing odd jobs like driving auto-rickshaw, transporting goods. These were sharing a tenement in the Manesar village.

The Police Commissioner said that “The accused are not just guilty of rape but also murder of the child and we will not let them off easily”.

The police said that the vehicle which was used by the culprits was a leased magic van and not an auto rickshaw and it was driven by Jaykesh. The culprits had offered a lift on NH-8 near a toll plaza in Kherki Daula on May 29. She was on her way to her in-laws with her eight month baby.

The woman had agreed to take a lift because of no transport facilities available at the late night. They had agreed to go to old Gurugram but Jaykesh took a U-turn and drove back to Manesar and stopped at Sector 8. There the three men raped the woman in turn and her daughter was choked so that her noisy cry won’t be heard to others. After this brutal act, the rapists threw the baby on the concrete road divider.

After that these had fled to Bulandshahr according to the police. On June 2, Yogender and Amit had returned to their Manesar house to keep an eye on the investigation.  But when the news started to appear in the media, the culprits panicked and confessed before the Sarpanch Ajit Chauhan. Even the woman had mentioned in the complaint filed that they were talking of the Sarpanch who could save them.

Source: Indiatimes.com

Rajat Bhandary