Do you know the mystery behind the tunnel under Mount Kailash that connects to Romania and Mongolia? What the excavators found here will leave you stunned

Mount Kailash, which means “precious jewel of eternal snow”, remains a place shrouded in mystery and legend.
According to ancient beliefs, this enigmatic Tibetan mountain represents the axis of the world or the stairway to heaven. In many eastern countries, Mount Kailash is considered the holiest place on Earth. Some ancient sources say this is where we can find the mysterious city of the gods.

Located around four long rivers, the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River and the Karnali River, Mount Kailash remains a very sacred place and a great repository of mystical knowledge. Considered as the holy abode of Lord Shiva, the mountain is currently considered unconquered. It advised not to climb the mountain since that would be sacrilege and cause misfortune.

Mount Kailash is said to be “the home of Lord Shiva” and the most mysterious place in the world. Scientists believe that Kailash Mountain is not a natural mountain but a man-made one. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva resides here. It is estimated that under Kailash, there is a huge pyramid in which the living beings of another dimension reside.

It is believed that Romania’s labyrinth of underground tunnel called “Dracula”, which is related to Kailash in some or the other way. It is definite that all mysterious structures in the world, such as Egypt’s Pyramid, have been built focusing on Mount Kailash. Kailash Mountain is centered on the land’s Axis Mundi.

The researchers have discovered a tunnel route under the mysterious places of the world. Access to these tunnels is not easy because the atmosphere there is not conducive to the search. According to a research done in the year 2003, there are 4 primary tunnels in the world and many sub-tunnels attached to it. These tunnels lead to large, deep and mysterious places. In these huge tunnels, you can see huge rooms, huge tables and huge chairs made of stone for people to sit. Seeing the vastness of these objects, we can estimate that they are bigger than humans in size.

All these rooms are connected to each other and protected by a mysterious energy source. Many of these tunnels are the main primary tunnels under the Egyptian Spinks tunnel, the tunnel under Kailash Mountain, the tunnel of the Bucegi Mountain which is located in Romania. All of these underground tunnels lead to a secret world under Mongolia and the mysterious world under Antarctica.

A Doctor of Bashkortostan and Tibetian researcher, Prof. According to Ernst Mildhev, under the Kailash tunnel, ‘Shambhala’ is located and under the Spinks of Egypt, there is a place named ‘Agtara’. According to our scriptures, this is a mysterious empire in both places. In this empire, humanity and civilization have every part of the gene pool (DNA).

According to ‘Thule Society’, there is a high civilization under the earth that comes from Gobi of Mongolia and is split into two branches from the Himalayas, one of which is Shambhala and the other is Agartha. It is also mentioned in the Puranas, that the underground city itself is the Pathal Lok.

According to Professor, the Shambhala Empire under Kailash is protected by a mysterious energy source which is beyond the reach of humans. This empire protects life on Earth. Earth’s advanced underground tunnels protect the gene pool (DNA) of humanity. There are many tunnels in different parts of the world. A tunnel of eight hundred kilometers received under the Mayan Pyramid of Tikal has been estimated that how the Mayan Indians had escaped from their destruction.

When it came to know about the tunnel of Romania, there was an agreement between the Vatican, USA and Romania, in which there was a proposal to not mention the tunnel found in Romania in front of the world. In order to conceal the mystery of the tunnel, the United States pulled Romania into a drama agreement, and it is believed that the Vatican handed over some mysterious documents to Romania to Romania.

America, the Vatican and Romania have hidden these tunnels from the entire world. You might not know that, America has deployed a large military camp in Romania. The United States also tried to compile inside these tunnels found in Baghdad, but as soon as they tried to go inside these tunnels, an unknown and supernatural force would stop them from entering.

Those soldiers who tried to distinguish the tunnel had a sudden heart attack. A similar type of experience was witnessed by those who tried to explore the Kailash Mountain. Anyone who tries to climb on Kailash, his health worsens one and he gets sick.

There reside a number of such hidden mysteries within the womb of mother earth, which is beyond the reach of common man. But in our eternal religion, all these things are mentioned. If we succeed in solving the mysteries written in our Vedas, then all these mysteries can be revealed.

According to Puranas, Lord Shiva and his entire family resides on the Kailash mountain range. Are there people still living in modern technology? Probably a parallel civilization is settled beneath the earth, which we are totally ignorant. If you see Sanatan Dharma with the eyes of sectarianism and make a scientific analysis over it, then maybe we can arrive at the reality.