Navratangarh! The Lost Kingdom Of Nagvanshis! Despite Its Rich History The Place Remains Unknown To The World!

Navratna is a stronghold in Sisai block located on Ranchi-Gumla road. It has Doisagarh, Navratna Garh, Rani Lukai, Kamal Sarovar, Kapilnath Temple, Bhairav ​​Temple which attracts tourists with its historical backdrop and the panoramic natural beauty surrounding it.

Navratangarh (Doisagarh) is a site of an about 900-year-old dilapidated nine storied fort which is located in Sisai block of Gumla district in Jharkhand. Navratangarh is  the capital of Nagvanshi rulers of Jharkhand who gave this province the name Chotanagpur. Navratangarh (Doisagarh.

Story of Navratangarh has been glorious and at times brutal too. The place was once the capital of Nagvanshi rulers of Jharkhand who gave this province the name Chotanagpur.

The whole area is spread over between 25 – 28 acres. It is said that the structures are made up of Dhobi Math, Wakil Math, Panch Math and Hamam Math. Some other structures are unidentifiable. There are approximately 10-12 monuments and countless artefacts.

It is the historical heritage of the Nagvanshi kings of Chotanagpur. Doisagarh, thousands of years before today’s high-tech era, is known as Nagar village today.

King Durjanashal himself established the Navratna stronghold at a place surrounded by mountains. There was a moat around the Navratna stronghold. There used to be only way to enter here.

The legend is that, the King Durjay Sal after his release from Mughal captivity established this beautiful palace. He got inspired from the Mughal architecture and built a nine storey fort from which this place got its name “Navratangarh”; of which only three storeys are left at present.

A water tank built by the king is still available and is used for various purposes. This place is surrounded by hills which provided a geographical protection to the kingdom.

There are other structures also and most of them resembled some kind of temple. Since the deity is missing it is hard determine to whom the temple was dedicated. Amongst the ruins there was also a well but now it is filled with stones and gravels. Some of them were terracotta design while some were carved out of stone. The whole area did not follow a single pattern which indicated that this place had been built over the years thus the difference in style.

The only inscription that could be identified was in one of the stone temples which was in ruins but some written text could be identified. The date written in Devnagri Script which makes the structure 833 years old if taken into consideration the Indian Hindi Calendar.

Many buildings of Navratan were destroyed. There are few left, but today the Navratna stronghold is completely deserted. The priceless buildings have become ruins. Its history is unique, priceless. It can be developed as a tourist destination, but no one has taken the necessary steps.  There is a need to save the history of Navratna stronghold, so that the coming generation will know about this magnificent past. A team of Archaeological Survey of India has visited this place number of times but Navratangarh still remains unknown to the rest of the world.

Sharanya Alva


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