Unsolved mystery behind the Swastik symbol found in Antarctica!!! This mysterious map was created 120 million years ago

Russia used to be India’s territory during the Sanatan period. In Puranas, the name of Russia used to be “female archetype”, that is, the empire of women. Daksha Prajapati was the son of Brahma and his daughter Devi Sati married Shiva Ji. According to Puranas, the Creator of mankind was Daksha Prajapati. History says that the origin of mankind was 200,000 years ago. In Russia, a 3-D map has been invented, which is called ‘Map of Manufacturer’. This map is made on a stone and it is in the form of 3-D.

Also known as the “Map of the Creator” is a puzzling artifact that has caused much controversy in the scientific community.

Several years ago, in 1999, a team of Russian scientists stumbled upon a mysterious stone slab that was covered with the relief map of Ural Region. At first, experts thought the map was only about 3,000 years. However, it was later estimated to be about 120 million years old! How could this be possible?

The dating seemed to be unrealistic because no-one could have created such a detailed map at the time. Later, scientists of Bashkir State University who examined the “map” concluded it must have been created by an unknown advanced civilization that was present on Earth millions of years ago.

It was difficult to determine even an approximate age of the slab. At first, radio carbonic analysis was carried out, afterwards levels of stab were scanned with uranium chronometer, and though the investigations showed different results and the age of the slab remained unclear. So basically, we still do not know the true age of this artifact. While examining the stone, two shells were found on its surface.

The age of one of them Navicopsina munitus of Gyrodeidae family – is about 500 million years old, while of the second one Ecculiomphalus princeps of Ecculiomphalinae subfamily – is about 120 million years old. Namely that age was accepted as a “working version”.

According to the doctor of physical and mathematical science, Professor of Bashkir State University, Alexander Chuvyrov, the map was probably created at the time when the Earth magnetic pole situated in the today’s area of Franz Josef Land, while this was exactly 120 million years ago. The map we have is beyond of traditional perception of mankind and we need a long time to get used to it.

The map contains civil engineering works: a system of channels with a length of about 12,000 km, weirs, and powerful dams. Not far from the channels, diamond-shaped grounds are shown, whose destination is unknown.

The map also contains several inscriptions. At first, the scientists thought that was Old Chinese language. Though, it turned out that the subscriptions were done in a hieroglyphic-syllabic language of unknown origin. Despite their best efforts, scientists never managed to undeciphered the enigmatic inscriptions.

Due to Professor Chuvyrov’s reluctance to credit ancient astronauts for the creation of the map, the artifact was simply labelled as the map of the “creator”.

This totally baffling artifact contradicts all known ancient history and shouldn’t really exist, but it does.
Scientists speculated that there could be as many as 348 similar fragments still undiscovered in the region. If they could find them all and put them together, the “map” would be approximately 340 x 340 m in size.

There is nothing surprising about this. In today’s world where the search and excavations are carried out, there are artifacts and sculptures related to Hindu deities. In Antarctica’s largest submerged lake, Vostok has found a swastika symbol of twenty million years old, which is 100 meters long and wide. This swastika has been made of gold and is the world’s oldest symbol of the symbols found so far. Swastika’s recognition in Sanatan religion is very high. From the world, the objects related to Sanatan Dharma are being received from which it proves that eternal religion is the mother of all religions. Our Vedas don’t lie and every word is written there is proved to be true.

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