Do you know why the CBI arrested all the members of SIT who were investigating “Gudiya Rape Case” in the Congress ruled Himachal Pradesh?

Recently when a daughter of an IAS officer was allegedly harassed by BJP leader’s son, it was successful enough to grab the attention of the mainstream media. Her story was telecasted for days and days but when a common man’s daughter was raped months ago, it failed to grab the attention.

16-year-old girl from Himachal Pradesh was gang raped and murdered by the barbarians. She was a girl from class 10 and her name was Gudiya (the name given to the victim by locals). The rapists had injected her with intoxicants and raped her one after the other and finally strangled her to death. Her body was burnt with cigarettes and tortured. Later she was dragged and thrown in the forested area. Her body was found on July 6th after two days after she went missing.

Is the State Government ruled by Congress involved in this?

Soon after Gudiya’s body was recovered, Shimla saw large scale protest. But the state government seemed least bothered but when the protest grew intense, the CM Veer Bhadra Singh posted the pictures of the culprits in his Facebook account and soon deleted it too. Later on, the police arrested the culprits but they were different from the ones who were in the CM’s Facebook post.

It was even heard that CM’s wife was not ready to hand over the case to the CBI. Later, a fight between the suspects broke out in the jail cell and one got murdered. His name was Suraj Singh, a 29 year old labourer from Nepal. But this murder happened in suspicious circumstances

What CBI revealed was shocking!!!

Later, the case was handed over to the CBI and the locals got assured that the investigation was going in the right direction. Now the CBI arrested 8 officers who were heading the SIT investigation. This poses a huge question against the state run investigation.

Inspector General of Himachal Pradesh Police Zahur Haidar Zaidi was among the arrested. These were arrested in connection with the custodial death of a Nepalese labourer, who was a suspect in the rape-and-murder of Gudiya. These were Zaidi was heading the Special Investigation Team in the case and had claimed that he had solved the case.

DNA sample of the accused doesn’t match during the forensic test!!!

Now the forensic report says a whole new story and hints that the Himanchal Pradesh police wanted to save someone. The DNA report of the accused does not match with the evidence collected from the scene of crime. The investigative team have compared various evidences such as saliva, semen, blood, hair, perspiration and skin. Now what will the Congress leaders say for this attempt to save the real culprits?

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-shimla-gangrape-and-murder-cbi-arrests-top-cop-7-others-for-custodial-death-of-accused-2541534


Nishika Ram