Know which famous global personality claims himself to be a “big fan” of Narendra Modi !

I am a big fan of PM Modi and reason I am such a big fan is because he does something that all great leaders should do, that is, set ambitious targets, set deadlines for those targets and then hold your staff accountable for those targets. That is tried and proved method of getting results. So we are beginning to see results and it extends to ease of doing business report.” – These are the statements of Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank.

Kim added, “The inflation rate has been down, growth has been extremely strong, Balance of Payments in better shape. Overall, you have to say that economically he has done well. If you look at specific programmes like Swachh Bharat, it’s amazing.” Jim Yong also said that while many countries are facing economic slowdown, India is growing at a massive rate of 7.5% per annum thanks to the policies of Narendra Modi.

Last month, Ian Bremmer who is one of the most reputed journalists, an authority in international relations, well known economist and a research professor at New York University, said that India’s Narendra Modi is the unbeaten champion among the leaders who are working day and night for his country when asked by a twitter user if there is one single leader alive that is doing a good job. Here’s the tweet –

While the opposition may be busy creating fake stories and politicising every issue to defame Narendra Modi, prominent world leaders, genuine intellectuals, economists and policy analysts are all praise for Narendra Modi and his dedication to change the face of India. The world and citizens of India know his worth !

Kshitij Mohan


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