Know how Pakistani sympathizers are misleading the issue and why India need not hold plebiscite in Kashmir!

The Labour’s party of U.K. has passed resolution in its party meeting demanding intervention of UN in the Kashmir issue. They are demanding for the ‘plebiscite’ and giving out a false narrative of oppression of people of Kashmir by Indian government post abrogation of Article 370.

Know what ‘plebiscite’ is? And why there is no need for India to put forth one!

Plebiscite is the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution.

India is not afraid to hold the plebiscite in Kashmir. The premise of the need to hold one is itself irrelevant. Because Kashmir has no right on plebiscite.

It was and is an offer which was made to entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as it existed on and before 22nd October 1947, the day Pakistan invaded independent and sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir recognized by Pakistan which signed a Standstill agreement with the Maharaja of the state.

There are many discussions on this issue involving Pakistani commentators and Kashmiri Sympathizers argue very passionately on the demand of plebiscite and they blame India and describe Pakistan backed terrorism as the freedom struggle.

It is very surprising the lies propagated by these group of people . And they provide a partial explanation of UN resolution despite being aware that original documents are available on UNSC and UN website. anyone can access these documents free of cost and their lies will be exposed.

Prof.K.K.Aziz exposes the lies and untruth taught to generation of Pakistani students in his book ‘Murder of History’.

Some truth which are not discussed or taught in Pakistan and those ignored by the Kashmiri separatists-despite being aware of the truth- in their enthusiasm to be on the side of their masters in Pakistan who control their narrative on Kashmir are,

  1. The division of India into muslim majority Pakistan and India under India independence act was applicable to British India. Not to Principlaities.
  2. State of Jammu and Kashmir was a principality where India Independence Act was not applicable.
  3. Jinnah as Governor General of Pakistan signed Standstill agreement recognizing independent and sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  4. Pakistan under command of Brigadier Akbar Khan invaded Independent and sovereign state of J &K on 22nd October 1947.
  5. The above facts was confirmed and is on record by the PM of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan in February 1948 in front of UN fact finding mission when visited Karachi.
  6. As per India independence act the sovereign state had right to decide on the accession to either domain but if the sovereign state belonged to community different from the majority community of state the final decision on accession was taken after conducting plebiscite in state.
  7. Maharaja of Kashmir wanted to remain independent.But armed Pakistani regulars invaded the state and ravaged the state through acts of rape, destruction, and murder. They reached upto Baramulla when the Maharaja requested the Indian government for help.

Indian government then set a precondition that India would only help if Jammu and Kashmir is acceded to India. The instrument of Accession was signed and Indian troops landed in Srinagar.

After an intense war Indian forces pushed the invaders back and UN brokered ceasefire came into effect.

Pakistan was supposed to withdraw its forces from the state and to give back the occupied land to India. But Pakistan never did it. And Indian government would withdraw forces when it is sure that Pakistan has handed over the occupied land without the presence of its army.

So today when Pakistan accuses India of dishonouring the UN resolution by not conducting the plebiscite in J&K, it just reveals its duplicity and hypocrisy.

Moreover 65% of J&K population has voted in the 2014 assembly election. By doing so they have clearly shown their presence for Indian state.

China is now forcing Pakistan to declare PoK which was Maharaja’s territory as Pakistan’s another province. Though illegal, it will prove a point that Pakistan does not have any intention of making Kashmir Independent, thus the question of plebiscite does not arise.

Plebiscite in PoK can not be carried out because in India, Kashmir was kept away from other citizens than that of Kashmir to acquire property or to settle down in Kashmir. But in PoK non native population has been embedded slowly and cleverly in past 4-5 decades. This will make the result of plebiscite unreliable.

India unlike USA is not a federation of States. We are union of states and a union is indestructible. A state can join union but it doesn’t have any choice to opt out.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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