Do You Know How Many Public Schemes in Tamil Nadu are Named After AMMA??

The untimely demise of the most charismatic leaders of Tamil Nadu has saddened many people. There are people in tears, left heart-broken to bid final farewell to their leader. It is not very often that you see such a sight; where a political personality is so loved by the ‘janta’. She was popularly known as ‘Amma’, and her political audience associated with her ‘as their caretaker’ only. She was a populist, and ‘Amma’ of all the welfare schemes.

AIDMK also has the credit of introducing the mid-day meal schemes in schools, and Jayalalithaa, under the mentorship of Ramachandran’s carried it forward with complete sincerity. The leader is also popular in the nation for taking the concept of welfare schemes, one notch above.

During her recent oath as the CM of Tamil Nadu, she focused on the following.

  • Distribution of free meals, free textbooks, uniforms, bicycles, bus pass, scholarship and girls education incentive program, free laptop program, was Amma’s gift to education
  • She also ordered closure of 500 liquor shops in the state. Even the state run liquor shops had an operating time frame now- 12 noon to 10 pm
  • She waived of crop loans for farmers
  • She delivered on her promise of 100 units of free power and donated 8 grams of gold to women

Besides, there is much more to her popular public wealth.

Amma Canteens
Under the scheme, the government offers food at subsidized rates for the common man. Where else will you get an Idli for Rupee 1, Sambar for Rs 5, curd rice for Rs 3.

Amma Pharmacies
Offering medicines at a discount over MRP, the Amma medicine shops are a big hit in several districts of Tamil Nadu. These chemists operate on a profit, supplying medicines 24×7.

Amma Mobiles
Women empowerment through mobiles was also her brain child. Free mobiles were given to self-help groups, with even the monthly is borne by a state government unit.

Amma Mineral Water
Mineral water is available at an affordable price of INR 10 (for 1 liter bottle). The government also supplies up to 20 liters’ of free drinking water to each family on a daily basis. This offer is valid for families who cannot afford to buy water from private players.

Amma freebies
Free table fan, mixie, and grinder, along with repairing facilities, were given free access to the poor

Amma seeds
Free seeds to poor farmers were also provided by the state government, starting this year.

Amma Heath-checkups
Complete health check-up in government run labs, public health centres, and government hospitals, are provided at subsidized rates. It is almost at 1/5th price of private players offer.

Pooja Bhatia