Know who is the next target of the hackers’ group ‘Legion’ which hacked Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account !

A few days back, the twitter account of Rahul Gandhi was hacked and multiple abusive tweets were put from his account. Soon after this, the official twitter account of Congress party was also hacked. The hackers claimed themselves to be from a group called ‘LEGION’. After investigations it was found out that the hackers used the servers of different countries for this purpose. The storm over this issue had not settled when the group hacked the twitter accounts of Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar, putting multiple inappropriate tweets. Now, the hackers’ group Legion has said that the next target of the group is sansad.nic.in which provides email to all the Member of Parliaments and government employees.

As per a report published in the Times of India , a member of Legion gave an interview to Factordaily.com over an encrypted chat and said, “Next is a dump of sansad-.nic.in emails. Which is — quite big. It includes a lot of _BIG FISH_,“. In another interview, with Washington Post, a Legion member claimed to have access to entire servers, like that of hospital chain Apollo, where J Jayalalithaa was hospitalised before her death. However, Legion said that it will not release the data related to Jayalalitha from those servers because it might cause “chaos” in India.

The hacker group also claimed that India’s digital banking systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. “We… ourselves have confidential data pertaining to NPCI /IDRBT (hub servers, and even have the encryption keys/ certificates used by some banks in India,” Legion said. However, the group said that it is not going to exploit the weakness of online banking for any personal gains. The claims made by the group cannot be taken as a bluff as the group also hacked the email id and bank account details of NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt, which left her enraged.

Though it may sound fun and exciting to see email ids and twitter accounts of certain people being hacked, it points out to the weakness present in the servers of government ids like sansad.nic.in and various banks which are vulnerable to cyber attack. At a time when the entire world is moving towards digitization of everything, providing a strong impenetrable cyber platform is absolutely necessary. Any compromise with the cyber security is a compromise on the safety, security and integrity of the entire nation. As various intelligence agencies all across the world have said that the wars in future will not be fought by arms, but in form of cyber warfare. At a time when noble initiatives like Digital India and cashless economy are being promoted, the government must strengthen the online banking and data systems so that there is no compromise with safety.

Kshitij Mohan


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