Know what Nitish Kumar said when he was asked about “Ghar Waapasi” to NDA ?

Politics in India is a very strange game, and is highly unpredictable with unexpected outcomes. Soon after PM Modi announced the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in a bid to attack black money and counterfeit currencies, various opposition parties have been divided. While Mamata Bannerjee, Arvind Kejriwal and Congress  have been vociferoursly opposing the move of demonetization and asking for its rollback, Shri Nitish Kumar is has been very vocal in his support to the Prime Minister. Almost every now and then, he has praised the Prime Minister for taking a “much needed” and “bold” step.

In one of the rallies in Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar had showered heaps of praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the decision. “Prime Minister Modi is now riding a tiger which could damage his alliances, but there’s great sentiment in favour of his move and we should respect that. I am totally in favour of this brave step that our Prime Minister has taken,” Shri Nitish Kumar had said. Soon after this, he even addressed a press conference, where he reiterated his support to the demonetization. Congress, Mamata Bannerjee and Kejriwal were reportedly upset with Nitish Kumar, with Mamata Bannerjee even calling Nitish a “gaddaar” (traitor).

Based on Nitish Kumar’s open backing of the Prime Minister and his NOT joining the likes of Mamata, Mulayam, Kejriwal and Congress to oppose note-ban, people have been speculating that Nitish may soon quit Mahagathbandhan and do a ghar wapasi in NDA, for which he was associated with close to two decades. The report of Nitish Kumar meeting BJP President Amit Shah soon after the demonetization has further added fuel to the “ghar wapasi” of Nitish Kumar.

However, today in a summit, when Nitish Kumar was asked about his plans of returning back to NDA, he said that JDU-RJD alliance will last full term in Bihar and there was no intent of joining back NDA. “As far as the Centre’s approach against corruption through demonetization is concerned, I am in support of such a move. It is up to all of you how you interpret it. That (Nitish doing a ghar wapasi to NDA) makes for a good headline. I do not want to clarify anything. Jahan lagega ki corruption ke against approach sahi hai Centre ka, hum samarthan karengey. Jisko jo interpret karna hai karey.

Supporting the demonetisation, Shri Nitish Kumar suggested Prime Minister Modi should also conduct a strike on Benaami properties which account for a huge portion of unacounted wealth. He also asked the PM to announce a pan-India ban on the sale and consumption of Alcoholic drinks to control crime and illegal activities in India, as he believes alcohol is the main reason behind all the crimes.

As of now, Nitish Kumar seems to have put an end to all the speculations of his Ghar-Wapasi to NDA. But then again, politics is unpredictable !

Kshitij Mohan