Know the number game of President’s election; Who is ahead, NDA or UPA?

All eyes are on July 17 President’s election; NDA and UPA are busy in permutation and combination. Few citizens who are above the age of 18 may start searching for their voters ID. So let me remind them that the voting rights for President’s election are only for MPs and MLAs.

For a normal person it is confusing to understand the entire process. Actually the President of India is chosen by an electoral college. This includes only the elected members of the parliament and the state legislative assemblies (MPs and the MLAs). But the nominated members don’t have the right to cast their votes. The total members of electors in the Electoral College are 4986 out of which 4120 are MLAs and 776 are MPs. So the candidate who is contesting for elections need not go out at public and ask votes.

The MPs’ and MLAs’ votes are not considered equally when it comes to President’s election. Here MPs’ votes hold more importance than MLAs’ votes. Another interesting thing is MLAs from larger states count more votes than those from smaller ones.

The total value of votes are 10,98,903. In this election the total votes of MLAs and the MPs are almost the same.

Mp’s vote will add to 708 points but the MLA’s points depend on the state from where he comes. That is because a MLA’s constituency’s population defers from other MLA.

Let us take an example. Mamata Banerjee’s vote may fetch 151 points whereas Arvind Kejriwal may fetch 58 points. This is because of the population. The vote is calculated by dividing the population of the state by the number of MLAs and at last multiplies it by 1000.

Similarly, an MLA from Sikkim ha very less points for his vote whereas an MLA from Uttar Pradesh has the maximum number of votes.

India will get its 14th President very soon as the election is on 17th July and the counting will take place on 20th July. It seems like BJP had very well planned before announcing its candidate. So as soon NDA nominated its candidate as Kovind, even few of the rivals supported Kovind. UPA has nominated Meira Kumar as their candidate. It seems like NDA candidate will easily cross the required votes. However let’s wait until July 20th.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/interactives/how-india-president-elected-explainer/

Rajat Bhandary