Know why Punjab Congress members are highly disappointed with Rahul Gandhi’s attitude!

Many times congress members have expressed their anxiety to work under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. There have been reported internal rifts in different state units of Congress. Rahul Gandhi found himself in a spot recently over Punjab elections in 2017.

There was reportedly an internal party rift, as to who will be the CM candidate (of Congress) in Punjab. Captain Arminder Singh was earlier adamant that he wants to be the CM candidate, in the Punjab 2017 assembly elections. Some Congress members were reportedly not convinced about the decision.

“Capt. Singh wants to deploy Indira-style tactics,” a senior Congress leader told The Hindu, referring to the authoritative leadership of the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. “He feels the party has a weak command and the way to tighten it is to push his own people to higher posts.”

Now, there seems to be another anxious wait for Congress members in Punjab. They are worried about Rahul Gandhi absconding- well, not literally. This time we know about his whereabouts. He is out of India, since 2016. He has gone for New Year celebrations, and is still not back.

The Punjab Congress is waiting for their vice-president, to reach India and, announce the remaining 40 party candidates. They are also waiting for his official go-ahead, to kick start their Punjab campaign. With election dates announced for four assembly elections in 2017, what is the general public to make of this news?

Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to return on January 09. Perhaps; Congress members were expecting Rahul Gandhi to reach India a little earlier, to resume activities after this important announcement.

According to a report by Indian Express, after the announcement of polling day earlier this week, Congress leaders were hoping Rahul would cut short his holiday. “Our camp was abuzz till yesterday that he would come back today. But this has not happened. We have been told he is returning on January 9. This is shocking as when all other parties are in campaign mode, our senior leader is holidaying,” said a ticket seeker who is camping in Delhi.

In the meantime, Captain Amarinder Singh has taken charge, after he was busy camping in Delhi for more than 45 days. He was in Chandigarh only for 2-3 days, and will resume his activities in Delhi now.

“We should have been in the field organising rallies, meetings and other programmes. But we are not even seen. Even the party cadres are not able to see their state president. It is frustrating,” said a leader.

It makes us wonder on two important points.

Many anti-BJP cadres complain that BJP does it state election campaign on PM Modi’s credentials only. Well, we guess we need to know a bit more about Congress choice.

 It was PM Modi, who took out time to address the public on December 31, 2016. Rahul Gandhi’s own party members are complaining; yet another time.

Pooja Bhatia