Know Where Rahul Gandhi Plans to Celebrate This New Year!

Rahul Gandhi has again followed his routine habit of fleeing India on New year. The Congress vice president who is known to enjoy his life secretly abroad has left for London and is likely to celebrate New year there.

According to reports, the reason of his London visit is unknown and is stated private. Rahul Gandhi is said to have left for London on Wednesday and is likely to spend an entire week there after New year.Even last year, Rahul Gandhi had left to Europe which he himself had disclosed on his twitter handle. It has always been his habit to celebrate his birthday’s and new years abroad.

But unlike last time, Rahul Gandhi has not tweeted anything this year and the Congress party has maintained secrecy of his trip. Few people in Congress said that he had already left to London, while others say he is leaving today. But the fact is members close to Rahul Gandhi have been informed not to speak to media about Rahul Gandhi’s London trip.

This is the biggest problem with the Gandhi family since decades, they consider themselves superior than every citizen and believe they are beyond questioning! His foreign trips are paid by tax payer’s money and the country has every right to know why does he frequently travel to London and other countries with no official work or official position in Government.

Although every person has rights to maintain privacy of their life, Rahul Gandhi should remember that he uses tax payer’s money for his comforts and enjoyment. It is obvious that Rahul Gandhi who always celebrates his birthday’s and new years abroad has a separate life there and is presence in India in politics is just a part time business.

More over his absence during the Independence Day celebrations and Republic day celebrations only shows what priority he gives to India. In the year 2013, Rahul Gandhi had not attended the Republic Day celebrations but was building muscles in a GYM at 10.30 am! This incident invited lot of criticism after which he was forced to attend the Republic Day celebrations in 2014.

So it is no new that Rahul Gandhi treats India has his summer spot and stays here to take break from real life in abroad!

Aishwarya S