Do you know how Rahul Gandhi was slammed by Gauri Lankesh’s brother for blaming RSS and BJP for her death?

“Anybody who speaks against the RSS/BJP is attacked & even killed. They want to impose only one ideology which is against the nature of India”.

These were the words of the youth icon Mr Rahul Gandhi on the death of the senior journalist Gauri Lankesh. “Politically immature” Rahul Gandhi tried to capitalise on her death but as usual he has made fun out of himself.

Soon after the death of Gauri Lankesh, the Congress and the left wing held right wing organisations responsible. However the reason given by them was really bizarre. But now, a statement issued by Indrajit Lankesh, brother of Gauri Lankesh has toppled the narrative of this murderer and has given a new direction to the investigation.

The people who blamed Right Wing organisations are one’s who murdered her?

The sole reason for blaming the right wing organisation was that she usually spoke against Hinduism. But now Indrajit Lankesh has spread light on something that may help in nabbing the killers.

“Gauri Lankesh regularly received hate mails and letters from the naxalites. She was heading a group nominated from the government that was intended to bring the naxalites to the mainstream. Ms Gauri was successful in getting naxalites like Sirimane Nagaraj and many more to the mainstream.

But this was not tolerated by rest of the naxalites as they started distributing pamphlets saying that “we won’t allow Gauri Lankesh to bring naxalites to the mainstream”. The naxalites had also sent her hate mails questioning her decision of bringing the naxalites to the mainstream. These were the words of Indrajit Lankesh.

Shut Your Mouth Rahul Gandhi; Indrajit Lankesh says not to politicise the issue!!!
Mr Lankesh also said asked the politicians not to use this issue as an opportunity to promote their agenda. He said that initially it was branded as a work of right wing organisation even though any proofs weren’t available. Right from her death, Congress started to corner PM Modi and right wing organisation. The reaction of Rahul Gandhi was totally non-acceptable; this is what we call “playing holi with the blood of others”.

Here's what Indrajeet lankesh(Gauri lankesh's brother)says on her murder !!

Posted by Vivek Shetty on Mittwoch, 6. September 2017


Why Indrajit Lankesh doesn’t have faith on Karnataka Congress?

From day one of her murder, Indrajit expressed his lack of faith of the government of Rahul Gandhi that ruled Karnataka. Mr Indrajit gave the example of the murder MM Kalaguri, where the murders went untraced. He even gave the example of DYSP Ganapati who died under mysterious circumstances. When this was the situation, he didn’t have trust on state led investigative agencies, that’s why he demanded CBI probe into this murder case.
Altogether, it has been a shame to Congress party that tried to politicise the issue.

Nishika Ram