Know the shocking (un)reality of Murthal gang rape incident during Jatt agitation in Haryana

Remember the huge outrage against Haryana Government and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar due to the news of gang rape in Murthal during the Jatt agitation ? A journalist named Tariq Anwar from Firstpost had first reported the news of gang rape near Murthal. He went ahead and presented various “proofs” including a recorded audio statement of the victim where she reveals her trauma. After Firstpost broke this news, all the media houses were attacking Manohar Lal Khattar. However, it turns out that the evidences presented by the journalist Tariq Anwar is completely fabricated.

Journalist Tariq Anwar from Firstpost created fabricated evidences of Murthal gang rape during Jatt agitation to defame BJP Government in Haryana and incite people against the government. He recorded the audio of his friend asking her to speak as the victim. Later it was found out that the voice did not belong to the victim, as no such victim existed at the first place. It was the voice of his accomplish.

Yesterday, he confessed in the Court that he manufactured the entire evidence. In its status report submitted before the division bench of Justice S S Saron and Justice Arun Palli in the Punjab & Haryana High Court, the Special Investigation Team headed by Inspector General Mamta Singh stated that Tariq Anwar had produced an audio recording stating that it was of the alleged rape victim but the audio voice samples revealed it was of another woman. “Anwar should be prosecuted for false evidence. He does not enjoy any impunity as a journalist,” amicus curiae Anupam Gupta submitted.

Earlier, another journalist from Mili Gazette had created a fake news that AYUSH Ministry does not select Muslims for employment. This was also a fake news after which the journalist was arrested. These incidents are the just the tip of iceberg which indicate how low the journalists have stooped to defame and incite people against BJP and governments where BJP is in power – be it centre or the states.

Source : http://indianexpress.com/article/india/murthal-gangrape-case-prosecute-delhi-journo-for-fabricating-evidence-4409512/

Kshitij Mohan