Do you know the six curses that led to Ravana’s death?

Ramayana majorly is said to be a story of Lord Sri Ram but this story is incomplete without the mention of Ravana in it. All of us know that the epic of Ramayana ended when Lord Ram killed Ravana for abducting his better half Sita forcefully to Lanka. But how many of you knew that this was not the only reason why he was killed?

Curses can be fatal

The life span of Ravana was meant to be for more than 1000 years and death could not take over him that easily. He was indeed immortal!! But he had committed several sins and many had cursed him for these sins. But punishing him was not a task of ordinary hands. Lord Vishnu himself had to take birth as Ram on earth, kill Ravana and end his violence on earth.

Curses can be fatal

A curse is basically “the opposite of a blessing”. It means you literally wish ill upon someone and moreover it often (but not necessarily) involves invoking the aid of a deity to fulfill that curse. That’s the original meaning of “cursing” someone and is never something to be done lightly. For instance, saying “damn you to hell” is a curse, stating that you the speaker would condemn the other person’s soul to burn in eternal hellfire. Let me tell you which were those “6 curses” that led to Ravana’s death.

The curse of Raghuvanshi Anarnay

1. Curse by Anarnay

When Ravana had stepped out to win the world, he met Anarnay. He was an absolute majestic king in Raghuvansh whose name was Anarnay. When both of them met, there was a fierce battle. Although King Anarnay lost his life in the battle that was led among the both. But before he took his last breath, while dying he had cursed Ravana.

The curse of Raghuvanshi Anarnay

The curse goes like this; Ravana will be killed by a man born in Anarnay’s lineage. Later, Lord Rama took birth in Anarnay’s lineage and said to have killed Ravana.

The curse of Nandi

2. Curse by Nandi (Bull guarding Lord Shiva)

Once Ravana went to Kailash Parvata (Mountain) to meet Lord Shiva. At Kailash he spoke lightly about Nandi- the bull and laughed at him. Nandi is the bull guarding Lord Shiva. Nandi in anger cursed Ravana that monkeys will become for Ravana’s death. And this turned to be true, when the Vanar Sena (monkey’s army) assisted Lord Ram to fight the war against Ravana.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

3. Curse by a woman

The woman sacrificed her body on the same spot and cursed Ravana saying he will die because of a woman. The proof to this curse turned true is known to all of us.

Thou shalt not steal your son’s wife

Thou shalt not steal your son’s wife

It so happened that, once Ravana was travelling in his Pushpak Viman (ancient flight) when he saw a beautiful woman busy worshipping Lord Vishnu to marry the God himself. Mesmerized by her beauty, Ravana influenced by his lust, pulled the woman’s hair and ordered her to come with him to his Lanka.

Thou shalt not steal your son’s wife

4. A curse from Rambha- the apsara from heaven

Ravana was cursed by his daughter-in-law Rambha!! She was one of the apsaras from heaven. It is said that Ravana met Rambha during his visit to heaven. He was attracted to her and caught her to fulfill his lust. Rambha warned Ravana not to touch her as she is going to be the wife of his elder brother Kuber’s son Nalkuber. Thus Ravana had to treat and respect her like his daughter-in-law. But he was Ravana after all; obeying to anyone would be an insult to his ego.

Shurpanakha’s curse

Shurpanakha’s curse

In spite of Rambha’s warning, Ravana did not listen to her and fulfilled his lust. When Nalkuber came to know about this incident, he got very angry and cursed Ravana. He had been cursed that if he ever tries to touch a woman without her willingness, his head will tear apart into 100 pieces.

Maya’s curse

5. Ravana cursed by his beloved sister ‘Shurpanakha’

Shurpanakha’s husband was ‘Vidyutjinn’ –who was a Senapati (army general) in the army of Kalkay king. Ravana during his battle with the Kalkay king he was a reason for Vidyutjinn’s death as well. Leading to this Shurpanakha lost her husband in this battle and was angry enough to curse her brother Ravana. She said that she herself will be a reason for Ravana’s death.

Maya’s curse

Her first encounter with Lord Ram’s younger brother Laxman was her first encounter with the Ayodhya brothers. Her ego gets hurt when Laxman chops of her nose to teach her a lesson.

Maya’s curse

6. Curse by another woman from his family!!

It is true that Ravana’s lust and ego got an end to his life. He did not spare his wife Mandodhari’s elder sister ‘Maya’ as well. Maya’s husband Shambhar was the King of Vaijyantpur. One day Ravana went to meet Shambhar. There Ravana trapped Maya in his wakjal and when Shambhar came to know about it, he imprisoned Ravana. The same time, King Dashrath attacked Ravana and as a result Shambhar died in the battle.


People who warned Ravana about his sins


When Maya decided to kill herself after her husband’s death, Ravana asked her to come with him. Maya cursed Ravana saying that “your lust made you trap me, which is why my husband has died. You will also meet your end due to a similar reason”.

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