Did you know that Sonia Gandhi had created a “Guinness World Record”? Why no one can ever repeat her achievement?


The opposition had a good time haunting PM Modi on his degree. Soon they shut their mouth after the university gave clarification that PM Modi’s degree was genuine. Did you know that a lady who “ruled India indirectly for ten years” had created a Guinness World Record?

Yes, it is none other than Sonia Gandhi and the field of her achievement is in fake degree. Sonia Gandhi claims that she holds a PHD degree from Cambridge University in London. Now the word “London” sounds so lucrative that the Indians didn’t go to dig the authenticity of the degree. But Dr Subramanian Swamy explains the innocent Indians that the Congress Party President has just studied till class 5th.

Shocked? Surprised? In a state of disbelief?

Dr Swamy said that Sonia Gandhi’s mother had sent her to London to find job. But as she didn’t know to speak English, Sonia Gandhi decided to join an English coaching class for few weeks. But this few weeks course turned into a PHD Degree in English in the affidavit filed during the election in India.

Once, Dr Swamy had to give a lecture in the Dept of Economics in the Cambridge University and during the dinner time, Dr Swamy asked the management “What kind of a student was Sonia Gandhi?” The reply was shocking as they said that she never studied in this university. The authorities also gave a hand written statement on the request of Dr Swamy that Sonia Gandhi was not a student of Cambridge University.

Now that the lie was exposed, Dr Swamy asked for clarification from Sonia Gandhi. She said that it was a typing mistake that the English course turned into a PHD Degree in English. Dr Swamy mocked saying that this must be included in the book of “Guinness World Record” as the longest typing mistake.

We can justify word, spelling or commas is mistakenly used, but here an entire sentence is filled with lie but Sonia Gandhi claims that it was a typing mistake. This proves that Sonia Gandhi has blatantly lied about her degree and insulted the electoral system of India. Later, Dr Swamy said that “When I had filled a PIL over the issue, honourable court told me to leave the matter as it is an old case”.

For creating this record, instead of honouring, Sonia Gandhi must be locked up in the prison. If she daringly faked her degree, then Indians must calculate the intensity of scams done by Congress under her guidance.

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Nishika Ram**