Know why Subramanian Swamy has asked Rahul Gandhi to be ready to go to jail !

A couple of days back Rahul Gandhi told a press conference that he has information on personal corruption by Prime Minister Modi and would expose the PM in the Lok Sabha. He further added that the government is afraid of him and hence Lok Sabha is being disrupted so that he is not able to speak. He declined to make any comment on it in the public and said he will only speak about it in the Parliament. Two days after this, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has said that Rahul Gandhi is bound by the law to report such “explosive” information to either court or to police, failing which he will have to face a jail term for 3 years.

Having knowledge of any offence and not reporting it to the authorities carries a punishment of three years. He (Rahul Gandhi) is bound by the law, criminal procedure code, to report it to police station or to a court of law and not to doing so carries a punishment of three years,” Subramanian Swamy told reporters outside Parliament. In past also, Subramanian Swamy has taken Rahul Gandhi to the court on various charges of corruption and other cases. The pressure on Rahul Gandhi to release the documents pertaining to “personal corruption” is increasing from all round the corner and the Congress prince seems to be running away.

Due to the parliamentary privileges, a member of parliament enjoys immunity from being arrested or facing the law for any statement made inside the parliament. So, while Rahul Gandhi will have to face defamation charges if he makes fake allegation outside the parliament, he can get away by saying anything inside the parliament. Even a fake “proof” presented by him in the parliament will not lead to him being charged for defamation and therefore, he is silent in public. However, with Subramanian Swamy pointing out that he is law bound to report such information, it may well be the time for another trip to court, if not jail, for the Congress prince.

On being asked about the disruption of Houses since the winter session began on November 16, Swamy said, “The government is too soft…They should ask the Speaker to bring the marshal in and throw out everybody who disrupts the house after a day or two.” With tomorrow being the last day of the winter session, it seems that the session will be totally washed out with no business carried at all.

Kshitij Mohan