Do you know what did Subramanian Swamy do after Sonia Gandhi said that “Indians like to be kicked”?

While political ideologies are driven by a number of distinguishable factors, few of them are so rooted in reason that they leave no doubts. That applies to one of the most prominent political figures in the country who has pioneered a number of anti-corruption moves in India – Subramanian Swamy. His evident shift from Congress based ideologies towards the right wing hadn’t escaped anyone’s attention. He has been commended and criticised for his shift; however, Swamy’s reasons for having made this transition answers all questions there can possibly be.

Factors that catalysed Subramanian Swamy’s decision to shift his support from Congress to BJP have been clearly put forward in ‘Subramanian Swamy: This Nehru – Gandhi Family is Totally Anti-National.’ Excerpts borrowed from the same article will suffice to answer our questions. And to put the reason in plain terms, the one reason behind Swamy’s transition was none other than the current Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

The ideological agreement between the former Prime Minister Late Rajeev Gandhi and Subramanian Swamy was very evident during Rajeev Gandhi’s leadership. Same applied when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, for Subramanian Swamy was consulted, and asked to carry out a number of major political ventures such as Sino- Indian diplomacies as well. Swamy even took Rajeev Gandhi’s side at the parliament when the Bofors Scandal was raised, so much was the bonding of trust between the two.

However, things changed since a few revelations were made about Sonia Gandhi, after Subramanian Swamy brought down the Vajpayee’s government in 1998. Sonia Gandhi’s agreement with Vajpayee to free a ‘friend’ of hers, Quattrocchi, from Malaysia who had apparently received the money from the Bofors Scandal (and it was not Rajeev Gandhi, according to Swamy) was cue enough that she did not mean well. To add to that, Subramanian Swamy was also brought to light regarding Sonia Gandhi’s direct association with the Palestinian Christian Terrorist Group – George Habash. In fact, he was informed that she sent money for the well being of terrorists back there. Subramanian Swamy was once asked by Rajeev Gandhi himself, to be directly involved in the process – by asking him to travel to Tunisia to verify if the amounts were being delivered to families of suicide bombers!

Even so, Subramanian Swamy’s ideological transition did not occur until Sonia Gandhi made a statement that she was more ‘Sicilian’ than Indian. She said that to him regarding the probe he was demanding against Jayalalitha at the time. Sonia Gandhi recklessly stated that Indians love to be ‘kicked’, whereas Subramanian Swamy was different and ruthless. Having that thrown at his face, Subramanian Swamy instantly stated that he would never meet her again, and show her what it truly meant to be ‘Sicilian’, and made his shift towards the rightist ideology that he now promotes.

All these references are taken from Subramanian Swamy’s own words where he expressed his reasons for the transition first hand. Well, ever since, he has left no stone unturned in exposing the damaging side of Sonia Gandhi and her associates. Subramanian Swamy’s transition has not only served in protecting his conscience, but the interests of the country as well.

Ashwini Jain**