Know why the tallest Basketball player in the world adopted Hinduism?

Discrimination against women is not something new. It has existed since the inception of Human life. In India ‘feminists’ are generally anti-Hindu, in spite of the fact that our religion predominantly speaks up for the empowerment of women. Equal rights for women are endorsed by many other activists, but practiced by a few. Yekaterina Lisina, the tallest female basketball player of all time, was deeply influenced by the Hindu Goddesses & the concept of respecting & worshiping women in India.

Yekaterina Lisina (born October 15, 1987) is a Russian basketball player who competed for the Russian national team at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal. Lisina stands 2.05 m tall (6 ft. 9 in). She is the tallest female basketball player till date. She ended her professional basketball career in 2014.

Yekaterina is a staunch feminist and has always been against the patriarchal system that exists in the society. Lisina realised that Abrahamic religions like Islam & Christianity do not have the concept of worshipping a female goddess & hence they are absolutely patriarchal in their philosophy & culture.

Yekaterina was always in search of better alternatives. She had been to India & visited a Hindu temple. She was highly influenced & its philosophy of worshipping goddesses. She became an ardent devotee of Goddess Lakshmi & started visiting Hindu temples regularly. She has stopped eating meat since then & even practices meditation every day. After adopting Hinduism, she now leads a much happier life.

Yekaterina’s adoption to the philosophy of Hindutva is an answer to all the anti-Hindu groups. Many other celebrities from foreign countries had previously adopted Hinduism due to its peace loving culture. Even the Honourable Supreme Court had given a verdict describing Hinduism “as a way of life.” All the critics need to introspect before making absurd comments against our religion. Our philosophy has been simple –‘live and let live.’

Alok Shetty