Know the dark secret behind the 3 Khans of Bollywood denying to meet the Isreali Prime Minister on his visit to India!

3 Khans of Bollywood chose Islam over 'Athithi Devo Bhava"! The story behind why the Khans didn't meet the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu


For the first time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited India and the entire nation was awaiting on its tip of its toe to royally welcomed this all-weather friend of India. But, the so-called contractors of secularism came out on the streets attacking the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by calling him as a murderer. Surprisingly, January 19th marked the “28th Exodus Day” of Kashmiri Pandits but none of these even opened their mouth.

Now, coming back to Israeli PM’s India visit, the Bollywood stars showed a wonderful gesture by meeting Mr Netanyahu and his wife. But to everyone’s surprise, the 3 Khans of Bollywood were missing. Initially, it was thought that they had some other work but later it was found out that they purposefully went missing just to appease a section of people. The three stars are none other than Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan.

What is the hidden story behind the three Khans not meeting the Isreali Prime Minister!

It is a universal fact that the Muslim nations blindly hate Israel just because of its aggressive strategy against the neighbouring Muslim nations. But, India being a secular nation, it was expected that all the Indians won’t act like communal Suadi nations.

But to our surprise, these icons of India danced to the tune of Islamic nations. None of the three Khans-Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan- felt it necessary to meet the Isreali PM. The reason is clear, a section of people consider Israel as a killer nation and in case if these 3 Khans had met the Isreali PM then they had to face the wrath of a bunch of radicals in India.

On screen, Amir Khan was found promoting “Athithi Devi Bhavo” but off-screen, he didn’t even go close to that principle. Mr Salman Khan is ready to take-up any risk just to ensure that truth wins, but only in films. But in real life, he had proved time and again he is not a noble person.

Shah Rukh Khan once took pride in saying that India is intolerant but in real life, he is one of the intolerant characters. “India comes first”, this is what we hear in the films of these 3 Khans but in reality they chose religion.

The Israelis are attacking the surrounding Muslim nations just for their survival. The day when Isreal drops its weapons, there will be no more Isreal in India’s map. So, whoever has an iota of the brain must support Israel.

These Bollywood Khans never supported the Kashmiri Pandits, these Khans never opposed the Rohingya Muslims. But are now attacking Isreal just because Israel has proved a nightmare to the surrounding Islamic nations.

Have a look at certain tweets that favored the 3 Khans who embarrassed Indians by not meeting Isreali PM Benjamin Netanyahu!

  • These Muslim Bollywood actors ‘refused to meet’ Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Salute to Khans who refused to stand with the mass murderer and a war criminal!, said another fanatic Israel hater

Nation comes next, religion comes first for few radicals!

  • “By not meeting Israeli PM Bollywood Muslim actors, especially Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, AijazKhan, Amir Khan proved first they are Muslims then actors. No 1 can divide Muslims throughout the world and they stand united against their oppressors”.